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We're always searching for that perfect van life park up. Well in this episode we find our little spot of paradise here in Turkey. We explore Cunda Island and eat famous local food in Ayvalik.

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Travel vlog 360 | Filmed Nov 2020 | Turkish food | Country 30/197

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We’re Marianne and Chris, a married couple from the UK. After some life changing events we decided that life was just too short. We sold all our belongings, bought an old Campervan & rented our house to travel full time. The aim is to attempt to visit every country in the world in either our van or with a backpack. We started videoing our travels for our family and then decided it was a wonderful way to document and share our adventures.

Our latest adventure started in January 2020 when we left the UK in an attempt to drive our van all the way around the world. Let the adventures continue.

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Hope you enjoyed our latest video. If you want to see more of our Turkish videos we've put them all into a playlist for you so they are easy to find -

Author — TREAD the globe


"Oh! You are still there! That's it, it's the end of the show!" Here you go if you are looking for this in the comments xD

Author — Paulo Morelo


Terrific toasties -- how friendly are the Turkish people too?

Author — Jim McCann


You guys have no idea how much I missed variety of olives in Turkey :((( I live in Toronto and we don't have much variety and the ones we have taste awful :( I can finish that jar in 2 days!

Author — Maya Alkan


Marianne and Chris, What a great place-
The houses were so unique- loved the food market - the toast looked so tasty too, nice combination
You stayed so close to the sea !!
Thank you for bringing the sun to a rainy day, misty day in the UK
Angela 🌈🐝

Author — Angela Locke


"If the van is rocking, don't come knocking" - Ali G 😅

Author — Hypergraph


I think I’d move to Turkey just for all the wonderful fresh produce! 😁You Ned some cloth shopping bags. 😄

Author — Karma The Giant


I’m so glad that y’all are staying in turkey for the pandemic what a beautiful country you’re staying in I can’t wait to travel again! Thanks for being ambassador for Turkey!

Author — Lucila Madden


Awwww we totally agree that some places in Turkey totally steal your heart 💛💛💛!!! What a beautiful island!! Totally Turkey = “another cat” 😂

Author — DjusLife


We had planned to travel to Turkey earlier this year, but our flights were cancelled. So nice to to see real travel videos of what it is like there. - Andrew

Author — Our National Adventure


You’re so lucky 🍀 be in a place like that and enjoying what else you can asked to life ☺️❤️

Author — Sandra Melara


Toast its a thing. 😂 The channel should be called "Chris eats his way the world" What a beautiful place Cunda is. Looking forward to the next vlog. Take care 💙❤️👍

Author — John Bateman


Very picturesque town! Olives and cheese yum! :) (I’m half Turkish and never been to Turkey I’m really enjoying your videos with my dad) you guys are awesome!

Author — sarajade86


Im a Turkish living in Qatar. Im relieving the homesickness with your videos. How harmonious and wonderful you two are, I love you. If ı were in Turkey would certainly host in my home. Hope to meet one day 🌷🌷

Author — Alto Recorder


I literally end up feeling really hungry every time I watch your videos :'D I had Ayvalık toast before and loved it, I am a little jealous of you now :D

Author — finita la comedia


Balikesir and Canakkale are known for their winds! By the way Ayvalik is my home town! The best region in Turkey in my opinion! It is my retirement plan to settle there!

Author — Sinny Awesome


Just discovered your channel so we're trying hard to get up to date with your videos. We usually visit Turkey twice a year but haven't been able to this year. We can recommend Akbuk and Dalyan on the west coast and Cirali in Antalya region. Good luck and stay safe.

Author — Mark Williams


There's wind, there's grain and we love bread. So windmill is kinda expected

Author — HalimAbanoz


pogaca goes great with a cup of hot turkish tea 😘

Author — apriludgate


Wait a minute, no “OHHH, YOU’RE STILL THERE” at the end? Call Ersel if you are in danger lol 😂

Author — Berke Akkanatlı