Breaking! Russia Attacks U.S. with s-400 Missiles! Surprise Attack to U.S From China - Iran - Russia

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Breaking! Russia Attack U.S. with s-400 Missiles! Surprise Attack to U.S From China - Iran - Russia!
The dose of large-scale conflicts between the USA, China, Russia and Iran in the Middle East, Central Asia and the South China Sea-Pacific regions has reached its peak levels in the last 10 days.
While the US is trying to prevent China from invading Taiwan, it is also trying to maintain China's technological and commercial competition without conflict. At the same time, the US is trying to protect its allies Japan, South Korea, Australia and India from Chinese hegemony.
Iran, China, Pakistan, North Korea and Russia all suffer from US sanctions and are powerful states. The USA has been able to suppress these states to some extent with the sanctions law until now. However, there are secret plans and big games against the USA among these states.
If you notice, these states are trapping the USA with various games in their own regions or directing the USA to conduct a cross-border operation. Russia is developing good relations with US allies who have been hit by China or Iran. And so Russia can market the S-400 and other defense systems to US allies against the US.

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We can't build a better system than Russia's S 400s?

Author — Roy Tallerico


Dude, your titles are a bit misleading.

Author — Dennis Brouse


India should be able to buy from any country that they feel is right for them, the us can sell other weapons and weapon systems that India want from us, now that the world is becoming more dangerous, all our allies need speed in acquiring defense weapons

Author — Ken Hunt


Really everytime I watch these videos they are nothing about the title of the vidio I'm not suprised YouTube didn't take u down yet for displaying vs. You tube and Facebook only take the truths down they dont like

Author — Colt Kramer


I think you are giving us fake news, and click bating your stories. Because if this was true we would hear this on national news and other news agency abroad.

Author — Miles Arima


Why don't we use our missiles to intercept s-400 on the air?

Author — Metub Yaj


من افضل ان يتم رصد اهتمامكم علي الديون التي لم تسدد بعد
إضافة ان طالما امريكا وبريطانيا وفرنسا اتيتم ضد رئيسنا علي محاسبة السياسين الفاشلين لدينا اعدو حقائبكم للخروج من شمال أفريقيا بصفة كلية

Author — Saif Marsit


Don't forget the Germans, never forget the Germans

Author — Michael Green


How is it possible you're still up?! Every title is a blatant lie lol

Author — Obadiah Kilgore


I find it helpful to turn off the video and just listen to the audio portion of this YouTube video.

Author — Rea Ality


How is selling a Russian air defense system to India “attacking the USA with s-400 missiles?” The former makes Raytheon sad, while the latter starts WW3.

Author — Steven Twitchell


Nouvelles Pas Vrails en accord du Moron Orange a Floride!

Author — Stephen Wright


Yes china russia iran pakistan north korea all the best

Author — Gunja i watching this movie. 2oo6 Bahadur


So how did our millions and millions of dollars in defense work out? What happened to those missiles were we able to destroy them or watt

Author — cliffordb47


The USA is fine. What are you talking about?

Author — HeartRN28


I welcome www3.. life is so so boring…

Author — Vuu Lee