Storm chasing dashcam: Tornado crossing the highway! Laramie, Wyoming

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6/6/2018 I documented a highly visible and photogenic tornado from beginning to end
0:30 condensation funnel fully forms
1:36 parked
4:15 parked & tornado crossing highway
6:23 cloud-to-ground lightning (right)
7:49 debris from RFD (left)
7:58 RFD strikes car
8:55 developing anticyclonic tornado strikes car

This tornado formed 8 miles north of Laramie, WY on June 6, 2018 and is shown here crossing U.S. Route 30, the historic Lincoln Highway. It rapidly intensified, tearing up grass and dirt as it traveled over mainly open fields. The tornado followed the contour of the land up and over the Laramie mountain range for over 45 minutes before dissipating. It was rated an EF-3 by the National Weather Service.

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This is one of the coolest things I've ever seen

Author — FirstStateFishing


The eerie green hue that the clouds have before and during a tornado haunts me. I've only been in a few but that's a feature I've noticed every time. Puts a knot in my stomach.

Author — William W.


I’ve never experienced a tornado before so this is nice to watch.

Author — Kusuo


The way that cloud looked in the beginning, I was almost expecting a city sized spaceship to come our of it. Wow

Author — jbod 6887


That’s one of the cleanest, most magnificent looking tornadoes I’ve seen

Author — Grant Fudge


aw that's nice of him, he even stopped to let the tornado pass by. what a nice guy

Author — AussieBleu


Best tornado video I’ve ever seen. Perfect clarity, everything so calm. No rain or hail no distractions

Author — Dom Wings


Wow sometimes weather can be so beautiful as you made it look extremely beautiful to me in this video even though I know the devastation is causing thank you great video. !!

Author — d Wilson


Thanks so much for sharing your adventure, very professional camera work in a tense situation!!

Author — Jerry Brabenec


watching the clouds materialize at the edges never gets old

Author — President-Elect Kekistani


This has to be the most self-aware tornado. I always imagined they were wild and out of control.

Author — Karma M


That must be incredible to experience in person.

Author — EmberLiv


That is a beautiful tornado, looks amazing.

Author — Nigel Braunig


Amazing video! As it turned into a pillar. It seemed to stand still for several moments. Just incredible.

Author — Carrie Meloy


been watching chaser shows since they 1st came on tv 15ish years ago, and I can honestly say that was one of the most crystal clear, unobstructed and wonderfully pristine tornados I have ever seen.
Incredible footage!
and I think you followed my mantra...."when you hear hail...bail".

Author — Sigh Phi Guy


I have never seen anything so spectacular in my life. Thank you thank you thank you

Author — Rebecca Stout


The most amazing scene I have ever seen. I wish I could experience the beautiful scene.

Author — Noman Raihan


Incredible ! Magic ! thanks for sharing with us this moment 💪😊

Author — Nad DEC


that was absolutely incredible footage. Such a clear day. That was a perfect shot of it. wow!

Author — Jill H


Me: “What are you doing driving toward a tornado, are you crazy?!?”

Also me: “Yes, get closer please. I wanna see.”

Author — Invisible woman