The World’s Largest Infrastructure Projects

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Images courtesy of Transport for NSW, Pastor Sam, Olusola D. Ayibiowu, Lao Tze, Google Earth, Crossrail and California High-Speed Rail Authority.

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Author — Talha Tariq


The production value on these vids is ridiculous, better than actual television.

Author — Rampant


Great channel and useful information for people working in related fields like myself! :)

Author — J Utah


India has not joined in the Belt and Road Project so far; hasn't participated in any BRI forums also. I don't know from where you got the information that BRI connects India

Author — Akhilesh R


In China,there are currently 42 cities under metro constructions

Author — Trekni Li


The California high speed rail is an absolute joke. In the time it will take them to connect two cities (840km in length) China will be able to build a 38, 000km network linking the entirety of China at an affordable price.

Author — Adam Danilowicz


Last year along, the city of Wuhan in China (with a population of 11million) invested $35 billion into infrastructure. That's one single city in China.

Author — East Pavilion-er


I always watch your videos and start to think... I should live there lol

Author — Brett B


I was expecting to hear the Trump’s wall being the largest infrastructure project in North America. 😄

Author — suvari225


China's is the most impressive display of wealth and power here. Questionable, yes, but undeniably impressive, since it is the only one that's covering an entire continent, let alone that that is the largest continent! Seriously impressive!

Author — kashiandevs


Think, the California Rail has been cancelled due to lack of funding

Author — Rodney Royal


Want to see you cover infrastructure projects on the uninhabited 7th continent :-)

Author — John L.


It's funny how Bill Gates could afford most of these projects.

Author — Killber Amazuki


It is incredible to look my country Colombia in a video about infraestructure, en la buena!

Author — Dilan Chavez


One of the best channels on all of YouTube

Author — Timothy Woodin


As an engineer in Sydney Metro, it's thrilling to see that on B1M.

Author — Gerald Luo


You should do one video on large infrastructure projects in BRICS countries.

Author — YORisingRango


For the BRI, the belt is actually the land links and the road is the maritime links.

Author — Jubaid Hasan Chowdhury


In my lifetime the California “high speed rail” will never be finished or break even.

Author — Bobby Greig


Do more of these please, very informative, interesting and non-biased.

Author — Greg Makarov