Palestinian man with Turkish flag shot by Israeli forces

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Israeli forces shot a Palestinian protester who was waving the Turkish flag. Twenty-year-old Emin Selim continued holding onto the flag despite his injuries.

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He kept Holding the flag even after he was shot. This really tells a lot.

Author — Limitless Range


You can't buy love with money. This is the literal proof of that

Author — Omair Shafiq


Palestinian: holds flag and gets shot
Israel: "it was self defense", or, "hamas was hiding in that flag"

Author — alanz90


I love Palestinians with all my heart my brothers and sisters❤☝🤲

Author — SEERA shah


my dad loves turkey too, i wish i could take him there one day

Author — samara dashwood


Greetings to the great people of Turkey 🇹🇷🇹🇷 and Palestine🇵🇸🇵🇸 from Somalia 🇸🇴🇸🇴

Author — Samir X


As a turk i respect you for not dropping our flag on the ground but keeping it up even after you got shot! Elhamdulilah

Author — Wild Animal Attacks


Brave young man, very much respect to him holding the flag🇹🇷 and be wounded.

Author — Emir Erden


If you shot a man with a flag, you only teach him to be Braver.

Author — MrRushSkies


What a great Soldier.
People say numbers don’t matter for these protests but they do.
We may not be able to do anything physically but our presence at protests will give them hope that they’re not alone.

May Allah stop all of this In’sha’allah.

Author — nik nak


The Israeli soldiers :
"If they wanna be bad they can"
"If they wanna be rude they can"
"If they wanna be unrespectful they can"
"But if they wanna be good they can not"
"If they can be kind they can not"
"If they can be respectful they can not"

Author — Celline Plays シ︎


We're also supporting you bro.Bangladesh is always with Palestine 🇧🇩❤️🇵🇸

Author — Israt Ema


Legends say he is still holding that flag up in the air.

Author — Akshit Kanwar


To be honest I've spoke to quite a few Turkish people online.. have to say they all have been friendly and glad to call a good few of them friends.

Author — A Kd


He still kept the flag straight, what a legend!

Author — Jack Jones


a proof that the regime are coward when facing the unarmed civilians

Author — Visible Interpreter36


My brother you have balls of steel I am proud of you never give up .

Author — Mohammed A


This make me remember how a good soldiers at ancient and medieval time, holding the flag no matter what happens

Author — Cleeon Virlief


Kurban Olduğum ne güzel dalgalanıyor 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

Author — yağmur yağacak


I ain’t Turkish (I’m Pakistani) but when he still held the Turkish flag despite being shot I felt like this was a proud moment

Author — Dankistani