Greece vs Turkey | Military Comparison (2020)

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NATO allies Turkey and Greece have locked horns twice over the past two weeks. Relations between the two countries have seen a marked downturn this year. As the two neighbours have seen frequent flare-ups, this latest spat over gas reserves and maritime rights has prompted fears that tensions could escalate further. So is war between Greece and Turkey a real possibility? And if these two countries ever face against each other. Who do you think wins?

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War between greece and turkey
US: sell weapons to both sides !

Author — 3a5v


Mustafa Kemal Atatürk — 'Unless a nation's life faces peril, war is murder.'
Please stick this message to the top!

Author — BOAT Sitrix


Let's hope no war takes place. But during a war a lot of external factors comes into play. Greece will be supported by most European countries, UAE, Cyprus and Israel. Both Russia and US would rather "formally" stay away and watch as the game unfolds. In the case of Turkey, Iran might give a limited assistance and Pakistan would send their Air force to help. An all out war wouldn't take place, no one will win. In the end both Turkey and Greece would be pushed into an economic tragedy. Everyone will feel it was a waste of time and money.

Author — Sam Sahoo


Peace is the better option. Our economies can’t handle war....

Author — Athenian 1924


Don't worry war will not happen. Numbers are not important in the war because there are many factors in it. Greece and Turkey need fair negotiation.



peace is the most effective weapon. respect from Iraq 🇮🇶 to our brothers Turks and our friends Greeks

Author — Arber UN


Honey in a war nobody wins!! (war is hell)

Author — Alex Anarky


War is madness!! After 2 world wars and yet the people don't get their lesson.
It's a pity people to get killed no matter their nationality. I hope logic and piece will prevail. (Just ask someone who has lived a war). I have.

Author — Kostas Kasnak


Moi je préfère des vacances de rêve en Grèce que en Turquie .

Author — JM- Varacam


war is the stupidest thing in the world !
Let's work for peace ! 💪🏻

Author — Nikos A.


Let's not start a war. Make peace better.

Author — kurtbey3799


Nothing said on strategic level, just comparing numbers

Author — Rasp Berry


Love to turkey our best neighbor and greece! I wish you could be freind from iran!

Author — Amir Baghbani


I Just want to say something as a turkish comando at İzmir military base. No one wants that war in both sides. And lets Just hope diplomats to negotiate for this problem or i Will have to fight against to my brothers in greece. So lets Just hope for peace 🇹🇷❤️💙🇬🇷

Author — tunca çatalkaya


Comparaison forces :

Aircrafts forces
USA F16 vs USA F16
And the winner is... USA !

Fleet forces
German frigate Meko 200 vs German frigate Meko 200
And the winner is... Germany !

Have fun 🤗

Author — timespaice


the front of the Evros and the Aegean does not allow the development of the Turkish army for this reason the quantitative superiorityof Turkey is useless.
Also Greek submarines are by far better

Author — Procrustes 7


Sinek gibi ezer geçeriz herkez akıllı olsun.

Author — Deli DUMRUL


So Turkey with 8 times biggest population has only double mens power and almost the same air and sea power.... Peace of cake for Greece witch has improved in all over the history that few can wins

Author — Gelis Geo


Hello from the other side of the Aegean sea Greek brothers, imagine how could we spend all these money that goes to weapons that we dont actually need, i am Turkish i love Greek people past is past we should just love each other visit each other eat drink and laugh together. NO TO WAR

Author — Charles Darwin


This is not turkish and greek people problem, this is goverments problem.

Author — Ege Saglam