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United States has removed its most advanced missile defense system from Saudi Arabia in the time when Saudi Arabia is getting threats from Iran.Watch this report to know more.

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Saudi's have way higher military budget, more advanced weapons and yet they seem to be vulnerable to a sanctioned Iranian military?

Author — Rudresh Venkatasubramanian


As Henry Kissinger once said "Being America's enemy is dangerous but being America's friend is fatal".

Author — the chosen one


India should be careful while dealing with US. America has always been very selfish.

Author — Avimanyu Panda


I think this pandemic has taught people the importance of multiple streams of income, unfortunately having a job doesn't mean security rather having different investments is the real deal.

Author — Sally Robinson


A nice gesture to appease Iran. Surrender to Taliban, then to Iran and ultimately, a handover to China. Best foreign policy ever to downgrade America to the level of a 4th world country. No respect.

Author — Ramon Panganiban


The importance of oil decline. The importance of Saudi to the US also decline.

Author — Ram Bo


Saudi Arabia needs S400 systems.... way better than the Patriot Systems....

Author — Sam Fisherman


Biden administration has caused very weird kind of tensed border all around the world.

Author — Nisha M


Saudi Army can protect itself. Yes, it is wise to relocate those THAAD missile defense system immediately into the South China Sea. And let Saudi Military use a few of ADVANCE ISRAEL IRON DOME for the meantime.

Author — Cedric Lee


History repeats : Don't trust USA blindly

Author — Gokul p


Saudis are 10 years late, they should have been more independent earlier

Author — Achyuthanand Mukundan


Titles of Woke Hollywood Films which deserves many Leftist Awards. “Don’t make fun of my Beard”. “Man with Heels won the Best Actors Award”. “No Hope and Change in Kabul”. “Santa Clause Joined the Taliban”. “Imran Khan hates wearing a Burkha”, “Alice in Wonderland married Cinderalla in Blunderland”, “Wokeness ended My Sense of Humor”, “My Wife Divorced Me For No Reason”, “Rocket Man went to Space”, “Pakistan in Beggerland” etc.

Author — Woke Weaklings Lack Balls


Biden i
Will do more harm to US foreign policy than Trump

Author — pam4840


Despite the economic crisis, this is Still a good time to invest in Gold and Crypto

Author — Jared Jrn


If America withdraw it's missile defence, then Russian will enter saudi arabia.

Author — Wolverine


Greece sending Patriot Pac3 as a gift to Saudis. 🇬🇷🇸🇦

Author — Chanah's Creative Edits


Saudi has a lot of money, why can not buy its own system. Surely if Saudi royal families buy fewer toys can afford to purchase the system.

Author — Jerald Leung


I’m surprised Biden didn’t just give everything to them !

Author — Michael Bowden


We will see how arrogance mbs is going to protect his palaces from houthi hell fire.

Author — marcos garvey


Even The NATO allies do not trust the USA they are with the US only not to get sanctioned by the US.

Author — Black Panther