show business - cymbals

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Only a few seconds of lips
(worthes 10 thousand of words)
Only a bit piece of my wink
(worthes 10 thousand of flashes)

Everyone wants to see my face
(check your payment of TV)
Everyone listens to what I sing
(you can get it at record shops)

Riding on a wave, she will show up
Like a dream, she will go

Gettin' into a big black taxi
(you know how busy she is)
"Let it faster, would you please?"
(you know what does she mean)

Riding on a wave, she will show up
Like a dream, she will go
Will you recall it, this funny incident?

Everyone wants to be like me
(comes soon the end of her days)
Everyone knows me as a dream
(what is the next to come?)

With her, the world seemed to be rounding, ahh...
Will you recall it? This funny incident!

Everyone wants to be like me...

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This band deserved to be internationally-known.

There are millions of potential fans for a band like this, but they have no way of knowing about them.

So it is up to us who DO know...
Spread the word about Shibuya-kei and CYMBALS!!

Author — notrombones


Just found this band! how does nobody know about it??? so great!

Author — Branson


For me it always will be music of my late teen years, stepmania/ddr and overall carefree and good times.

Author — Redips Knuj




Author — TAICYOUG8


Will you recall it? This funny incident!

Author — 緑茶太郎


The version appeared in GFDM series does not have the last two lines only.
What should i say.

Author — Yuki F


This singer and songreminds me of yu tokiwa's works with WAC (Jun Wakita)

Author — Ene-Chan


where can I get their album? or even mp3 ..

Author — Nana