Sport In Germany: Football, The Olympics And A Doping Scandal | Meet The Germans

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Germany has a worldwide reputation as a soccer nation.
This week on Meet the Germans, Rachel finds out how football came to Germany and how women's football has developed.

But it's not ALL about soccer... tune in for lots of summer and winter Olympic action, sports clubs and a look at East Germany's doping scandal.

Rachel moved from the UK to Germany in 2016. As a relative newcomer she casts a fresh eye over German clichés and shares her experiences of settling into German life.
Every two weeks she explores a new topic – from unusual bans to meaty cuisine or haunted castles. This week: sports in Germany.

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💬 Comments on the video

Who are your German sporting heroes and why?

Author — DW Euromaxx


I love every time a "Meet the Germans" show appears. Thank you, Rachel :)

Author — Gabriel Ramos


I feel like I know a bit about video production and presenting, and these DW Videos from Rachel are absolutely world class in both. I always learn interesting stuff and they are so engaging from start to finish. Keep it up!

Author — NALF


It ALWAYS gets overlooked -> *BEACHVOLLEYBALL*

The women's team did what no other team did in the history of the sport: won german, european, world championship, world tour and the olympics. In the same year.

Men's team also won the Olympics and Germany has always been in the top 10 teams, men and women.

We also host the finale of the world series here in Hamburg.

Author — Tony Stark


So fresh, so invigorating, so informative and interesting, great job, Rachel, thanks a lot!

Author — Christoph Mensch


Another great episode. Despite all history, I like when Germans feel proud of their country, especially in sports.
When the football team plays, you see many flags and people wearing the national colors and all. I would love to see that more often.

Author — GomezCamilo


Good times when there's a new MTG upload to be enjoyed. Thanks to all involved for making these refreshing videos. Must be a lot of work considering all the different locations, people interviewed and facts presented. (Also the stuff Rachel does each time.) Favorites of mine must be our racing driver like Schumacher, Bellof, Rosberg, Röhrl and Strietzel Stuck.

Author — Mr_Fowler


It blows my mind that I didn't know the fact about the womens' soccer team winning the world cup!!! O.o Amazing! I wish the female team was much more prominent in national culture. Thank you for the video, Rachel & Team! <3

Author — Lucas Bender


Loved the episode, as always!
Are you planning on making a video on the different dialects AND accents here in Germany?
Would be fun to see your take on that!

Author — TeddyTalks


I thought Formula 1 is also a sport. If it is, then Michael Schummacher and Sebastian Vettel are my personal favourite heroes.

Author — Ben


Always love Rachel's videos. More please! 🙋‍♂️

Author — Duncan Reid


Yet another perfectly finished job from Rachel, and she ice-skates so smoothly.

Author — Kaushik Datye


Great video again, Rachel.

Tennis was a big thing in Germany too for decades. But younger people seem to lose interest on it. The prefer playstation and so called e-sport. 😂😂

Author — Frank der Essener


I just love this bite-size info/history by DW Euromaxx with my fave presenter, Rachel 😊

Author — Korina Viado


Great video! German migrants have also contributed to the development of sport abroad. Some of the most renowned athletes from my country, Chile, are German descendants: Marlene Ahrens, silver olympic medalist in 1956; Gert Weil (Pan American champion in the 80's) and Sebastian Keitel (World medalist and PanAmerican champion in the 90's).

Author — Hernán Enrique Carvajal Cortés


Wunderbar!! You have the mannerisms of a western-European. I really enjoy your presentations Rachel.

Author — Srinivas Chillara


Well researched once more, thanks ! The English invented football and taught the rest the world which, ever since, has deprived English teams of winning major tournaments for quite a while.
The fact that English footballers tend to be rather respectful of German ones has also led to quite an impressive popularity of German teams in Scotland....
Hence, I strongly believe that English fans would not be amused if ever Germans came round to seriously start playing cricket. A distant threat, admittedly, but who knows.

Author — Big Ernie


Another great episode from you Rachel.
Loved you shying away from the high dive 🤣🤣 and how did you manage to ice skate with the camera?
Hope you did not fall over doing it.
I suppose for my generation it would be Boris Becker, Stefi Graf and Michael Schumacher and probably Franz Klammer.
Liebe Gruß aus London und schon tag noch.

Author — Sean McErlean


I really like this format! Thanks Rachel, keep it going

Author — MrLenardo1


I'm glad I stumbled upon your videos. For some reason, I like amassing knowledge that I probably won't use, but hey! On the bright side, I'm going to learn a lot about Germany, since I'll probably binge watch your series.

Author — Nazif Islam