Syria claims Turkey's southern territories: Turkish army is alarmed

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In a recent document published by the People's Assembly, Syria claimed Turkey’s Hatay province. Syrian President Bashar Assad made his intentions clear as he once more set his sights on the border province, with the bulletin claiming that Hatay province is Syrian territory. Turkey strongly criticized this statement.

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Everyone in Turkey laughed at this news, what an alarm :D

Author — Kadir Bozbey


"3 sides of Turkey is Surrounded by sea. 4 sides of Turkey surraounded by enemies. "

When I was younger I dismissed this idea as too nationalistic. Now I get it.

Author — Evlad-ı S.P.Q.R


Starting a war is always a good way to distract from internal problems

Author — haren ter berge


Turkey:Perfect. Keep doing that. Just as planned.

Syria: *Visible confusion*

Author — Red Hood 374


Syria is no way near taking land away from Türkiye. The thumbnail you have used and marked "X" are all Turkish territories.

Author — Oguz Han


Syria won't even get back Afrin and other areas taken by Turks recently let alone Hatay.



Let's stop here for a moment and think about the people In Hatay. They are peacefully living their lives without the need to worry about war or losing a member of their family.

Edit: Lot of people in replies misunderstood my point and started to make my comment politic "Turkey Vs Syria". My topic wasn't targeted at this angle. Look at the Syrian civil war that is happening rn. Look at the awful Syrian regime that looted the entire nation and made his people poor. Hatay people are living in peace, there's electricity, water and peaceful life, mothers don't have to worry about their sons being drafted to a pointless civil war where a Syrian is killing a Syrian. They are totally living in peace in Turkey and that's how we must think of it as people and not from the government PoV.

Author — 東京市


Syria hasn't enough problems so far so they have to create new ones or it is just to distract from other problems.

Author — Ursula Eissner


President Bashar Assad:
"That's our land"
"Then I took that personally"

Author — Brian Fisher


The country which works for peace prosperity and happiness and health care for its citizens and neighbors is right.

Author — subramayam rvr


Some people in Turkey (There are Syrians in it.) It affects Turkey's modernization and economic growth. Broken walls of Turkey-Syria border should be repaired urgently and more soldiers should be placed on the border. While we have close to 1 million soldiers, all reserve personnel are currently undergoing training. Despite adequate training, there are still not enough personnel at the border.

Author — VorlyKie


Syria:That land belongs to us.
Turkey:Let me introduce you to my friend Bayraktar.

Author — E S


We wont give Hatay. But we can return more than 5 million syrian refugees in our country. After all the land is useless without the people. Assad must focus on getting his people back first

Author — 𝕮𝖆𝖌𝖆𝖙𝖆𝖎 Gökhan


Thanks alot for covering a topic that isn't widely discussed, i wanted to research this topic a while back but since there's no available sources to read from here in Aleppo i gave up, the only source of information about this topic was in the Syrian curriculum which said that Hatay was given to Turkey by France in the Ankara conference in 1939 illegally since it was part of the French mandate of Syria and thus a part of Syria, and regarding the display of the province as part of Syria in Syrian maps is because of the same conference that stated that Hatay was syrian in foreign and domestic affairs but politically Turkish and owned by turkey as stated in the curriculum but i doubt it's not politicized education.

Author — Mr_ Mykie_ Angelo


Turkey is right.
They try to help others but when you let isis run over your country turkey has great concern.

Author — MDH


BRUUH i really read the Comments and i saw this:
Arabs:Hatay and Mardin is Arabic
Greeks: No its Greek
Kurds: No its Kurdish
Turks: 🤨

Author — Turkish Empire


Not a fan of the Turkish leadership, but if Syria tries to take it with their military, Turkey being in NATO would take it as an Article 5 violation. But don't think it would be a problem, the Turkish military would crush them without any problems.

Author — Michael Paris


Turkia as a secular regime normally oblige all political group in middle east in peace process to contract for interdepedant peace... every group is important.... the solution is secular best solution ....

Author — karim hadj sahraoui


Syrian war was started when Essad changed his mind in petrolium business.

He went for Iran-Irak-Syria oil line in stead of Qatar-Syria-Turkey line.

Then this spark became a proxy warfare.

So sad for who have suffered in this..

Author — Semih Kılıçgedik


Syria was once Ottoman territory. don't forget this too

Author — Khari Bulbul