EU vs Russia: Europe united

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It is 2017 or the very near future. If the complete European Union went head to head against Russia, who would come out on top? This is the second and final part of the two-part series which analyzes the two sides' militaries and available strategies. Belarus is also a key player.

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💬 Comments on the video

EU: Guys! were going to war with russia!
Germany: **The expert**

Author — curtis brown


At the start: No Allies are allowed

2 seconds later: *Belarus is a Russian ally*

Author — EHS 145


As a Czech, I swear, that we'll fight to the last Pole

Author — Adam Volný


invades Russia
They called me a mad man

Author — Determined


"Russia would possibly trying to go into Finland a bit"

some Finish dude with a hunting rifle, an ironsight and some white clothes: "It's showtime"

Author — lionlj


The EU would win only if San Marino, Luxembourg, Lietchenstein, Monaco, Andorra and Vatican City join

Author — Repti Lev


EU: We are going to war with russia
ITALY GERMANY AND AUSTRIA: we need all the coats extra rations and warm clothes you can find !!!

Author — Blue Greenish


Binkov: ‘No allies allowed’

Belarus: *im gonna pretend i didn’t hear that*

Author — RedDogge


"Go into Finland a little bit"
*spits tea in Russian*

Author — Ag3nt0fCha0s


EU : Ok guy's we are going to war with Russia.
Germany : 😏

Author — Ahmed


Russia: Goes into Finland
Snow: *So anyways, i started blasting*

Author — Kaosii


Germany: Ok EU the first thing you got to do is left click on Poland and click delete.

Author — Historic Man


Russia: goes for Finland

Finnish in the snow: how many time do we need to teach u this lesson old man

Author — Alessandro Vitagliano


russia has a secret bear army you don't want a war with that

Author — Mythical Umut


Hey Russia, how the Finland invasion going?

we don't want to talk about it...

Author — MrJJuK


i just come back from the EU vs Russia video of the Infographics Show. The difference between them and Binkov is insane. Binkov puts so much effort, research into these. The Infographics Show just put some wikipedia info and don't even try to analyze it, they are saying nonsense during the entire video.

Author — Randriax


“No allies”
...5 seconds later “Belarus is a Russian ally”

Author — DavidAranguren96


Much depends on the skill and daring of the generals on each side.

Author — Randy W.


*Russia wouldn't stand a chance in a non-nuclear war against West if they wouldn't act fast.*

Author — cowpoke


Love how Switzerland just floating there

Author — Mαrius