Donald Trump speaks to New York firefighters on 9/11

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The former president visited with police officers and firefighters in New York City on Saturday.

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god bless america from ireland, we will never forget

Author — shutup2


God Bless America, from Norway. We will never forget!

Author — Skarð


God bless all good people all over the world

Author — Clayton opinion Bartlett


God Bless America from Taiwan, we will never forget.

Author — Austin


God Bless America from Canada, we will never forget.

Author — youtube account


God Bless our fireman and police officers, ❤️USA‼️

Author — Virginia Herrera


God Bless America, we will never forget.

Author — Teng Cliff


God bless from Denmark. We will never forget!

Author — Engelund


God bless our firefighters, God bless our police officers and God bless the greatest military on planet earth. God bless the city of New York and God save America!! 💔🙏🏼✨♥️🔥🇺🇸

Author — Gail Smilanich


God Bless America from Dominican Republic, we will never forget.

Author — Paul Yordan


God Bless them all Blue and Firefighters

Author — Terry Gunn


God bless America from England, we will never forget.

Author — deer craft playz


"Well I guess that the big thing that that you really will have to do is never forget. You just can't forget that something like this happened. I was so disappointed when they closed the stock exchange but of course, at some point you had no choice. You know when they initially announced it was closing because you want to just say 'the hell with it. You're going forward. Nothing going to change.' But the fact is something has changed very dramatically. And I think of one of the very sad things is going to be when you look at the skyline of New York which as become so emblazoned in your own memory and your looking at the skyline of New York and you see these buildings, these two buildings, whether you love them or don't love them they were a great part of the skyline. And then when you look at the skyline after 2001 and you're going to see a skyline without these two buildings. You're going to say 'What happened.' People won't believe it. You know when you show your children or grandchildren in years to come what New York looked like in the year 2000 and then what New York looked like just a year later, they're gonna say'What Happened.' It's hard to believe. "

-Donald Trump on the morning of September 11, 2001 while answering a news anchor's question about what should Americans do after the destruction of the World Trade Center.

" I just want to thank everybody. You're incredible people. You're beautiful people. There's nobody like you and nobody has your guts. I know all about that building (the World Trade Center).I was down there right after and it was, it was a tragedy and to think that knowing the one building came down and you still had people (firefighters) going from fire, people going up the other building I assumed just knowing what was going to happen. The bravest people (firefighters) and we want to thank you. You're incredible. "

-President Donald Trump on September 11, 2021 while speaking to a group of Firefighters in a Fire Station in New York City.

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Elections do have consequences. Constitutional crisis consequences.

Author — Alchemy by Stars


God Bless the families and friends of all first responders.

Author — Deborah Bahena


God bless America from South Korea 🇰🇷🤝🇺🇸

Author — Beyond The Memory


I wasn’t even paying attention or knew about this til today. I was more focused on the beautiful ceremony on TV and unfortunately seeing the crying pain of the victims of 9/11

Author — Been Rockn n Rollin Since 1888


After 911 our Country really came together .. I remember vividly few days later every single house and apartment had a American flag in the front. We came together you could feel it in the air .. we were all taking care of each other for those few months after .. it was touching to know this country is filled with so many caring people 🇺🇸 never forget

Author — - Mike


God bless from Russia 🇷🇺. We will never forget

Author — Урки


I salute the Flag of the United Stats and what it stands for. Can't never forget. Blessing from Italy.

Author — flugga182