WHY WE LIVE IN A VAN ? | Van Life Turkey

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Ever wondered why we choose to live in van full time and what life is like on the road? As we continue our van life adventure around the world we may have found the best wild camping spot so far.

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Travel vlog 312 | Marmara Golu Turkey| | Country 30/197

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💬 Comments on the video

I have been coming to Turkey for 32 years and the hospitality of its people is delightful and very genuine .Hope to go in October when the weather is perfect .

Author — Lesley Lofthouse


Chris....I love how you end the videos 😆😆

Author — Ruth Uckardes


Hello, my name is Pavel! Very glad to see your trip. I'm from Russia and i will soon transfer in Turkish (Istanbul) live and work!
Thank you!

Author — Павел Козлов


Looks amazing. Hospitality in Turkey seems lovely. Great video guys

Author — Callum & Tash


Even the Turkish Hornets 🐝 are friendly the the people 😂

Author — Abu Amin


Please don't miss out ephesus, it is a historical wonder

Author — finita la comedia


The world does not know my country well. Thank you for introducing Turkey to the world. You're so sweet. Maybe one day we see each other

Author — ergenekon şener


Come on !!.... Where is Izmir city in your path line please ???... It will be a great loss to miss Izmir city ....

Author — Ahmed AlShalchi


So envious as I watch you from my apartment in Sultanahmet. Keep a look out for scorpions too - if you leave your shoes outside, give them a shake! Oh lol I was just going to say snakes... but you beat me to it. Dont you just love the sheep bells. So looking forward to travelling vicariously with you xx

Author — Anna Osborne


That looks like a service station on the M25. 😂😂

Author — Fiana& Paul jojiana


Good to see the Karabas sheep dog. We got one when we lived in Istanbul, and brought him back to the States. His name was Pasha, which means General . Good to see the tortoise too. There was a biology teacher at Robert College in Istanbul who collected tortoises in the countryside and studied them . Then he would let them go.

Author — bsn2ndsflat Davis


Absolutely beautiful.
I’m totally loving how friendly and hospitable the people that you meet are. It’s just incredible.
Love ya both. Looking forward to the next vlog xxxx

Author — Katie Turner


LOVE your endings, where you are surprized to find the camera and ask if we're still watching... great endings! Nice trip around Turkey so far, very much enjoying your trip vlogs and video footage. God bless you both. Pastor Dean, Christian Life Church, Kissimmee FL USA.

Author — Dr. James D. McNamara


Truly Trudy beautiful ☀️🚐☀️ loving the look of this beautiful country 🌍 and beautiful souls ☀️🙏☀️ 😊😊😊😊😊

Author — Darren Hunt


Oooooh, you're still there... is a must have!

Author — Welcome to real life


West Turkey is full of wind turbines meanwhile south part of turkey got a lot of PVT panels.

Author — O. Øzen


What a gorgeous dog! I'd never heard of the kangal breed before, I shall have to read up. Enormous!!!

Author — Aaron P


hi guys. well done on another great video.
you have seen nothing yet. turkey has one of the most diverse landscapes in the world.the natural beauty it has to offer, is second to none. each region has its own unique beauty, there are hidden gems around every corner. its a Instagrammers paradise. the only trouble is .... you can travel for a whole year around turkey and only scratch the surface.
there is too much to see .. but not enough time to see it

Author — orhan celik


Beautiful landscapes. Thanks for sharing.-

Author — Marpaz S C


Chris, I love your endings for some reason and I don't why but it reminds me of the Muppet Show.
Great work once again.

Author — Nick Thomas