You Won't believe What People Found on These Beaches

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What could be cooler than going to the beach on a hot day? The water, The sun, the girls........
No, the coolest thing to do is to go to the beach right after a storm! That’s when you can find the most incredible things on the shore. For example a car. Or this treasure worth $600,000??
Then how about a huge $1 billion oil platform! Believe me, that’s not even the strangest thing that’s been found on a beach.


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Lmao I found a small missile on the beach, it was probs from the Civil War. We know slavs are pretty crazy so yesh the kids just continued playing around. I mean it wasnt dangerous anymore but it was a funny scene, kiddos just running around and grannies sunbathing like nothings there😂

Author — Gaia Buntić


The voice over claims the washed up oil rig weighs 17 tonnes....he is a few thousand tonnes out

Author — Nic Westhuizen


Ok everyone when you're at the beach keep a look out for whale vomit

Author — Kristen Swanepoel


Automate is truly the safest platform you can invest your funds.I must commend the platform, they are always consistent with withdrawals and their payments are automated always making me happy💯..

Author — Kim Derr


That SpaceX fragment could be cut up into little pieces and sold online! All the Elon Musk would queue up to buy them!

Author — terrypussypower


The All of the mutant creatures are sea serpents

Author — daksh fegade


They were attacked by the powers that be.They gave up all study about them as they felt their lives were threaghtened.

Author — Gordon Young


have ever wanted to find a ghost ship on the beach?!

Author — endybott12


Good job done by *Movingcyber* on ¡G he's the best of all time..

Author — Garba Isah


I’ve gotten into fragrances since the pandemic and knew what that “rock” was as soon as I saw it. Damn, I would like to find that vomit to sell to perfumers!

Author — Kathleen Wyatt


4:14 Oh, wow. What a realistic mermaid prop.

Author — Blender Study


참 좋은영상

Author — 김영가수TV(ZZANG)


Woah!!! How did he knows it's a whale vomit? 😳

Author — Bless EveryONE


Shout out to Australia where I live
Shout out to usa where I was born
Shout out to new Zealand where mu mum was born.
Shout out to England where my dad was born.
Shout out to the world, why not.

Author — TClan J Topsom


2:00 everything was lost on that vessel the consumers had to pay the cost for it.

Author — Mandula Abogada


I’d say discovery of MH370 will be the scariest.🤔

Author — Couchy Dragon


Mermaids If they were real would be scary as hell ngl bc they could just drag you under the water

Author — AaTeam Team


18 months without anyone navigating it🤔 no sir, the penguins of Madagascar was navigating that ship🤣😂😂

Author — Thalie Ferry


If you think about it the Barges will be the perfect thing to build an ark on

Author — Often Elsewhere


WOW!!!! The mermaid was a doll. I’m glad I finally clicked on this info! Thanks!!

Author — joan gillen