*CLOSE RANGE* The Dalton/Ashby, MN EF4 Tornado - Full Chase and Life Cycle - July 8th, 2020

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Whoah, where do I begin?

After hours of editing here are 11 savory minutes of photogenic tornadoness all nicely put together - well at least as nicely as I can make it. It was honestly a dream chase and one of the best chases I’ve ever been on in my 10-year career chasing in the midwest. It was amazing to witness this slow-moving photogenic supercell that produced a drill bit photogenic tornado that was on the ground for over 40+ minutes! It just doesn’t get any better than that!

Unfortunately, there is a dark side to nature’s beauty. It’s hard being in a hobby where you are sometimes the active watcher in other people’s dismay. It’s a tension that not only myself but I know a lot of other storm chasers have wrestled with over the years. No, we do not want to see property or lives being destroyed, yet we are mesmerized by the power weather can do. All of that to say, I love weather but wrestle with its destructive nature. And within that wrestling, learning to just trust God with what's going.

I hope you enjoy the video though - as you can tell from the video and the description, it was a very bitter-sweet experience for me but is one that I will never forget.

GoFundMe Update: The GoFundMe link has been removed - thank you for all that supported the families and those that were affected!

Details of the Tornado:
The National Weather Service has officially rated the tornado as an EF4 with winds up to 170mph. It was on the ground for 40+ minutes and tracked 11 miles near the towns of Dalton and Ashby, MN.

- There were several other people in front of me that checked on the homes that had damage before I got there.
- Because I know someones going to say something about it - No, I didn’t stop completely at that stop sign, yes I definitely looked all the ways before crossing.

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The fact that this deadly tornado is happening in full sunlight is wild.

Author — M-K-L


My parents: I used to walk to school in that every day

Author — 1985jonc


These people just driving past it like oh look honey that's a big one...good lord I would be looking for a hole in the ground to hide in lol and I grew up KS

Author — Jess W


Him: Lord please protect these people
*gets closer*

Author — Elliot Marple


"I gotta go Julia we got cows"

Author — Phantom Weather Channel


When the clouds are forming, I wanna fly up there and blow all the clouds away so the tornado doesn't happen😂



If this vid were 3 hours long, I would've watched every second. Incredible.

Author — J Cori


I was literally moved when he said those prayers for the people who were likely affected🙏

Author — Haojam Chingkheinganba Meetei


Absolutely incredible! Thank you for capturing this in such a calm manner so that I could share the beauty of nature with my children without the cursing and panic that normally accompanies tornado vids. Stay safe!

Author — Kat Scratch Fever


That weird mix of having a healthy love for tornados and also being terrified of them when you hear your city siren go off.

Author — Baby Mewmew


A tornado has got to be one of the most scariest things in the world. Its like an invisible monster from a Sci-Fi movie.

Author — Jay Ritch


I like how you prayed quickly for their souls, it was kind of you <3

Author — RLR PLP


May sound crazy but seeing something like this in person would be amazing

Author — JAY Q


He said “THANK U JESUS” and then caught himself with “lord please protect these people” 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

Author — NameIs Private


“Wow wow wow...🤩THANK YOU JESU....😳...🤭Lord protect these people.”

Lolol he went from total excitement, to “I shouldn’t say that”mid sentence 😅

Author — BiologyChic


Mother nature is just the scariest most beautiful thing about this rock

Author — Shawn Parrett


2:51 "wow wow wow, thank you je- Lord please protect these people" classic

Author — galaxy loft


Well, there's something you don't see everyday, an EF4 tornado on the ground and the sun bright as could be.

Author — John Hotarick


"Please protect these people, " he said as he drove towards the violent storm.

Author — Katrín


The sad thing about the tornado is it killed one person and injured some others.

Author — Margaret Thompson