Cooking TRADITIONAL Turkish Food Recipes | VAN LIFE Cook Along.

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0:00 Introduction
3:05 Turkish Restaurant and Making Manti
8:03 Ingredient shopping &. tour of market
15:10 Van life cook along

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Travel vlog 394 | Filmed April 2021| Van life Cook along | Country 30/197

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We’re Marianne and Chris, a married couple from the UK. After some life changing events we decided that life was just too short. We sold all our belongings, bought an old Campervan & rented our house to travel full time. The aim is to attempt to visit every country in the world in either our van or with a backpack. We started videoing our travels for our family and then decided it was a wonderful way to document and share our adventures.

Our latest adventure started in January 2020 when we left the UK in an attempt to drive our van all the way around the world. Let the adventures continue.

💬 Comments on the video

I traveled many Countries in the past 30 years ago I quite often got asked where was my favored Place, well place was India, but favorite/ BEST people were always Turkish people. After and watching your videos I know I was right, they are great people.

Author — Nonie Watson


Absolutely Awesome👌. Compliments to Chef Hüseyin & A Very Happy Birthday to Him🎂. I tried his trick with cutting the onions & NO MORE Tears, After years of crying, Thank you😀😀. OMG, The turkish delights & Baklava, I can't wait to check out the website. Thank you Marianne & Chris.☘💐.

Author — levina walsh


Turkish cuisine is delicious! Thank you Husayn for teaching us your beautiful turkish culture! I love turkish food!
I miss Turkey!

Author — Anna-Lena Grønland


Chef i tebrik etmek lazım çok açıklayıcı ve akıcı anlattı daha iyisi olamazdı. Bravo :)

Author — Lenk 216


What a lovely man, Hussein -- imagine him cooking in your van! Wonderful sponsorship deal too! That vlog was awesome, congratulations.

Author — Jim McCann


Love your vids Turkey is definitely the place I want to travel to after the CRISIS has gone love the people .they are such a happy race, even in these solemn times .well done you two for being such good ambassadors for beautiful Turkey .all the best from a very cold England 🇬🇧👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼😎😎

Author — Clive millington


I am living vicariously through this channel. I miss Türkiye, I miss the people, the culture and the experience as a traveller. That friendliness, helpfulness and kindness they always show to people. I look forward to being able travel again and first on my list is 🇹🇷. Great video as usual Marianne and Chris. Keep it up 🇹🇷👍🏻

Author — MisterMRL


Can you really imagine ever leaving Turkey??? The rich experiences and wonderful people... not to mention the food! If you do actually leave, I’m certain you will be back.

Author — Kenneth M


Turkish Delights are from Cafer Erol. One of the best quality.

Author — R Oktay


This is what I was waiting soooo long from you is to make a video about local food making and tasting in depth ... Thank you sooo much for this opportunity to do it with a Turkish chef in a van ... That Turkish delights box has killed me I would to say ... Please do more of these every new spot you travel in Turkey ... Great thanks and respects ...

Author — Ahmed AlShalchi


Manti. One of my favourites, that go in search for when I'm in Kalkan

Author — Yolande Duffy


I am so happy for this show and the sponsor ! Finally a sponsor I have been waiting for to use from your show plan to order a lot of stuff from this website . I am from New Orleans, La. we love food!!!! Can’t wait to see what I can order I believe we have a Turkish restaurant in the area, but you are so right would love to jump right into the screen and eat with y’all ! Looking forward for other cooking shows in the van as well . Y’all are awesome!!!

Author — Lucila Madden


Private chef in Van,
What a Luxury 🥰😄

Author — Xe Essex


Turkish food; simple recipes and great results... Wonderful and extremely rich Turkish food..

Author — Svart Skalle


Good to see Hussain cooking up a storm in the van, Gurus place is definitely one to visit for fab food 😎

Author — Dave Massey


I became so hungry while watching this video🙃



Really enjoyable video as always, lucky you having a " Chef" cook for you both, especially traditional beautiful Turkish food. Thanks for sharing .

Author — Mary Fitzpatrick


Chris...putting the "Chris" in TurChris Cuisine when he's cooking TurChris food in the van.

Author — ElectricEmphasis


A personal chef while living in a van. And city folks feel sorry for people who live in their cars. Thoroughly enjoyed this video and certainly a first. Keep those surprises coming.

Author — Peri


It was nice to see that you are happy.I want baklava too. Greeting to HÜSEYIN Master

Author — Ali Yildizhan