Elon Musk outlines his political views in stick figure cartoon

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The stick-figures tweeted out by Elon Musk corresponding to his political leanings set Twitter ablaze. CNN's Michel Smerconish asked his followers to map their own trajectories, and says that those who change over time are "healthy."
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Ok, this was a surprisingly rational take. More of this please.

Author — Viking Summer


He's not outlining his views, he's illustrating a fact

Author — omax3852


Cnn watchers: *freak out over stick figures*
Cnn watchers: *act like they weren’t the ones freaking out over stick figures*
How’s cnn+ btw?

Author — Replyifurdumb


I’m definitely not on the right, but thank God for Elon buying Twitter to keep America’s free-speech going

Author — Jamal Washington


"Elon musk posted a meme"
News. This is apparently news now.

Author — Carol Pond


You guys just got owned by a stick figure meme. Congratulations.

Author — Anti-Rioter-15


Thank you, Michel Smerconish, for some badly needed nuance on a topic many are taking a hyper-partisan absolutist approach to.

Author — Sebastian Fletcher-Taylor


The beauty Of free speech enables you to articulate and express your perspectives in this very clip.. Isn’t it a wonderful thing!? Equally, we should also enable those on the right to express their views and their truths.

In my opinion, The problem is that those on the left want to suppress those views under the umbrella that the views of the
Right are in-just, wrong, and some how evil or a danger to the country.

You cant bend the rules you claim to adhere too in order to achieve your goals. It’s selfish and tyrannical. You oppose because you know the people will
Chose differently once the truth was exposed and your narratives would crumb.

Author — John Gabucci


Props to this guy actually showing the facts, and then expressing what us clearly defined opinions. Tho, I think the damage has been done CNN.

Author — Gabe A.


My favourite bit of this was his expression when he came back from the cut away. He was so happy with it.

Author — Ash Guy


0:55 "My feet haven't moved the ground around me has."

Considering how humans can live to 85 years old (avg) in the average term for president is less than eight years. That makes perfect sense.

This is a perfect example of them lying to you in front of you. They don't even believe it.

My edit was adding the abbreviation (avg)

Author — Goop


Elon Musk had to make it so easy that even CNN viewers could understand it!

Author — Old Shark By The Sea


Elon is just trolling, the stick figure cartoon is referring to Joe.

Author — Scott Deaton


I think everyone in politics, media, & especially on Social Media is nuts. All of them. And I only find peace when I turn off the news, and live my day to day life without having a facebook, insta, or twitter account. That is where I stand. Personally.

Author — Minute Meditations


Honestly, I feel the same but on the other end. I was center-right and usually had a split ticket when voting. Slowly over the years, I changed on social issues like gay marriage and trans rights over the years, but for the most part havent moved. Yet, I feel as if I'm more center-left now as every republican is a Trump candidate on the ballot. If I had a choice of a progressive vs moderate republican, i'd vote for the moderate. However, there are no more new moderate republicans, so Ive had a straight Dem ballot (save for senate) for the past 2 cycles.

Author — Trackstar35


I considered a Democrat in my upbringing because my parents were. first time I was old enough to vote was Obama's first term. Didn't vote for Trump or Hillary cause I wanted neither. voted for Biden because everyone around me and the media was telling me to. Around that time though I was starting to go through a paradigm shift and realized how wacky the left were. Now I'm just like Elon I'm stuck in the middle listening to both sides but leaning slightly SLIGHTLY to the right. I'm 27 Hispanic from the "hood"

Author — Jelly park


I am also right in the middle.. I am standing straight up.. and dont lean either way.

Author — RCSparks Studio


Smerconish is absolutely right on one point. Views and preferences change. We as human beings don't have all the answers, and we must constantly be learning and reevaluating our beliefs and understanding.

If you say all of your beliefs have never changed I'll tell you you are a dammed fool.

Author — Brian Schlicher


Peace would be a start, followed by logic and rationality and truth.

Author — Mystery Rosebud


Well done Mr Smerconish . You are the only, and mean only news show on CNN that I enjoy and, for the most part trust ( still watching as many other news sources as possible to form my own opinions ) keep up the good, open and even minded work. PS - Those who never change their minds, never change anything - George Bernard Shaw

Author — Brutus