This 240-year-old sweet shop in Istanbul makes Turkish Delights fit for a King | Remarkable Living

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Haci Bekir is a five-generation family-owned confectionery that has been making traditional Turkish sweets since the days of the Ottoman Empire. Today, the business is run by 30-year-old Leyla Celalyan, who believes in blending modern elements with traditional ones to keep the tradition alive.

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I live near Hershey, PA which is the considered " the sweetest place on earth ". I can honestly say these Turkish confectionaries personally seem more appealing to me than any type of chocolate. They are so unusual to where I live & I'd love to try every single one. I have had many Turkish delights over the last few years but they are hard to come by where I live because it's all about Hershey chocolate.

Author — Tweezy


It would be great if they start selling online, but then again, the cost might be an issue.

Author — K-Pop AWorldOfShowoffsNWannabes withFewRealTalents


What a remarkable story. What a legacy that has been passed down and the changes made to adapt to new ideas and resources whilst using the same values of this great business

Author — David Abdo


I love that Leyla is wearing "Rumi Su" beaitiful silk scarf by Turkish sisters, Pinar Yegin and Deniz Yegin Ikiisik ! 😄

"Haci Bekir" Turkish sweets looks delicious ! Must try in Turkey ! In Singapore, there's "Mediterranean Delight" located at Orchard Exchange #B1-04 (Orchard MRT) selling similar sweets. I tried the sample but was unable to find something I could NOT resist ! 😂

Author — Zandra Koon


Imma write this place down for a “must see/visit” in my lifetime.

Author — Kaylee Maendel


It's an absolute must visit in Istanbul. Very well made video

Author — Daksh Marwah


What an honour to be living and recognised by the Ottoman Empire!

Author — Abu Bakar As-Siddiq Abdul Wahid


Learned about these sweets from a webnovel and now I wanna try them but sadly I'm too poor to travel.

Author — Lord Sith Lego


It's so hard to have perspective from a distance. Everything about Turkish food culture tells me it must be a wonderful place to live, but the strong presence or orthodoxy gives me deep pause. Gotta wonder what's coming.

Author — GaslitWorld f. Melissa B


I hope that they survive this quarantine

Author — Jacob O


The place where zemo ordered on line his Turkish delight

Author — azman abas


She is such a nice lady. I will make sure to visit if I ever find myself in turkey

Author — PISKU


Just ordered an assorted box of their Turkish Delight on amazon! I’m excited ^^

Author — Medallion Valiance


Ok I know i came after watching Narnia n I crave to taste it somedayy !!!

Author — Neha Bharali


I read it as “sweat shop” instead of “sweet” so I was mildly concerned reading the title for a sec

Author — Yeet ‘n Greet


wah sedap enak saya kapan bisa mencoba permen dan kue turki hanya mimpi

Author — Louis Audy97


I would choose this shop over Willy Wonkers any day! I love turkish delight

Author — Ron


My favourite food. I could live on it.

Author — Simon Collis