1000 IQ Moments in Sports

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When a player has 1000 IQ during a play. AKA the smartest plays in sports history.

When I say "in Sports" I am referring to baseball, football, basketball, and hockey. Let me know if you guys want more sports videos! Also, if I forgot a certain 1000 IQ play leave a comment, and I might include it in a part 2!

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💬 Comments on the video

the fake slide is unfair to the defense... you pursue that and get penalized as a defender

Author — Matthew Bailey


For people complaining on the fake slide, it WAS absolutely legal at the time of the play and was a glaringly awful loophole in the rules. It was changed as a direct result of that play.

Author — Eclipse Blade


New video idea: can you do “The game is not over yet.” Moments

Author — Erick Guillen


In case you’re wondering why the clock didn’t stop at that obj play, the rule states that if you aren’t gaining yards while going out of bounds, the clock keeps running. This is a great example of OBJ- he can’t just catch, but he can run, throw, kick, you name it.

Author — Yo Anonymous


3:45 seein bill get all excited like that describing the play… just let’s you know how exciting and high IQ Ed reed was in his time. Him and Troy are the best safeties I’ve seen in my lifetime by far

Author — Barbar Binks


People don't realize exactly how hard that steven adams/russell westbrook play was. Not only did he have to miss the free throw and have it bounce back at him, he had to get the rebound then quickly get the ball out to russ, and russ had to make a rushed deep three

Author — ItsGJK


The fact chris paul knew that rule is impressive

Author — Aj Frederick


Polamalu jumping over the line against the Titans is extra smart, because he knows that even if he's too early, it's a flag, but just half the distance to the goal. They're already so close to the goal line that it doesn't matter.

Author — Connor Bucka


I'm a Bills fan and I hate Miami, but that lateral pass at 10:10 against the Patriots will forever be one of my all time plays.

Author — Justin Storelli


Looks like y'all don't watch a lot of hockey. "Bank it off the goalie" gets tried all the time and works about once a week. 101 IQ.

Author — Nate Larson


Wow what an incredibly well researched video, so many great moments and some I haven't even seen before! Only wish you would've included when Alex Smith hid the ball from the refs, but great video nonetheless!

Author — jasch


That Packer touching the ball while out of bounds is pure 🔥🔥🔥

Author — a secret one


Pat McAfee's onside kick to himself should have definitely been on here.

Author — Tony Trigoso


1:12 The player was still technically out of bounds. His foot was still in the air when he took back control of the ball.

Author — Bill Peterson


Seeing Donskoi score a goal like that considering how his season on the Kraken has gone this year hurts.

Author — Luke Schmidt


As a ref. That partial wave is a fair catch. But sure okay 😂

Author — Hikikomori GVNG


You know you're the best at the position you play when bill belichick gives you props

Author — BYV Basser


13:23 That wasn't really a "1000 IQ" play. They have the infield fly rule [at the ump's discretion] to waive it off because it is an obvious thing to do. The umpire simply didn't choose to invoke the rule.

Author — danh5150


2:20 Faking a slide should be illegal. Ten yard penalty from the spot of the foul.
Once a QB motions to slide, they're giving up, defense is supposed to back off.
This is to prevent injuries to the quarterback, as the defense would kill the QB.

Author — AvangionQ


I was at the hawks vs niner game, none of us in the stadium knew what was going on until he was half way down the field, it was nuts

Author — ninjarider84