WE HELPED A COMPLETE STRANGER and its changed our lives.

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Huge thanks to our Youtube friends @The Mamuchos & @The Country Collectors

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Travel vlog 410 | Filmed June 2021| Side & Manavgat | Country 30/197

#seaturtle #antalya #manavgat
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💬 Comments on the video

Now you might understand why you are stuck in Turkey. For a very good cause. :) You're all lovely people!!

Author — frances kan


Sizi artık Türkiye`ye turist olarak gelmiş görmüyorum yürekleri sevgi ile dolu iki güzel kalpli bizden biri olarak görüyorum.

Author — Birol Yilmaz


What a great film guys, such a wonderful thing you have done. Raising awareness, getting support for Seher, and now she has the backing of the university and local Council it will make a huge difference 🙏🥰👏👏👏🙋‍♀️🤠

Author — Mick and Trudie


They have been reporting that Turkey has problems with sea snot what ever that is, I hope the sea life isn’t effective! We can all get together and help these lovely people save the wildlife!

Author — Lucila Madden


The local council needs to do more to protect the area and give that lady more support!!!

Author — Jim McCann


Me and my wife Yvonne were so touched by this vlog and this amazing woman we went straight to your go fund me page to donate ! Love all your vlogs and are regular viewers

Author — Gary Cumming


What an absolutely incredible human being Seher is! So inspirational and selfless, makes me want to move down there and help her! Thank you guys for raising awareness and using your platform to help the carettas. You will have made such a difference for generations to come! Will donate as much as possible and will definitely try and help more as soon as I’m down there ❤️🐢

Author — Kireisa


What is more important than genuinely helping the carettas is providing atmosphere for awareness. Thank you Marianne and Chris...

Author — Turhan Ozturk


Shared and heading off to donate. What a fantastic woman and "Great Job" you two!

Author — Tricia Darlow


One amazing woman had me in tears all too often the ecology tackles a back place to commercial tourism

Author — Steve Hardwick


Listening to Seher's story, I couldn't stop crying.



What a beautiful woman and you guys are amazing for standing with her.

Author — Sapphire Blue Travel Explores


Incredible. I’m moving to Turkey soon and I’ve seen a level of humanity and selflessness that I almost thought was lost. I’ve been following you for many months now and I’m so thankful for you both. I’ll absolutely be making a donation and will encourage everyone to do the same. Thank you for sharing this deeply important conservation effort! Much love you two!!

Author — Danny Breegi


Donated and shared 👌 Bless Seher. What a wonderful lady and thank you for bringing this to our attention. Much love ♥️✨♥️ xxx

Author — Rebekah Salt


Thank you for supporting local heros like Seher!
I can't donate a lot but i did donate £10.
Hopefully this video blows up and a lot more people donate.

Author — SongStory


This made me have goosebumps, what an a amazing lady, I hope she gets her recognition from the Turkish government and they can stop cars from going on this beach, I applaud her 👏👏👏 and to you both for making it more aware to help these turtles and any sea animals to survive xx

Author — Jackie Handley


well done most people would have shrugged it off for what Seher was doing. But not you. this proves your hearts are in right place. Also well done to the whole of Tread The Globe clan for getting behind this. this story has struck a chord.
what an amazing super human Seher is . and to do it all alone, quitting her job and exhausting all her own funds, the world needs more people like you

Author — orhan celik


Im crying and we must show Seher is not alone on this way. Green sea turtles very important for world sea ecosystem. She is a star she is an angel. 😢😪😢😪💒💒

Author — Arda Akkaya


I share it on Facebook in Dutch, English and French X x X Good luck. Thanks Danny From Belgium.

Author — Danny Stoelzaet


Good work guys. Thank you for spreading the word.

Author — Ryan Swift