How I Manage My Finances in my 20s | Personal Finance System 2020 (Savings, Cards, Spreadsheets)

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In this video, I talk about how I manage my finances in my 20s. My personal finance system is divided into two parts: Cash and Investments. For today, I'll discuss be how my cash system works.

I've started seriously managing my personal finances when I turned 18. There's a lot that I've learned since then, so I make videos like these to the things I've learned from my experiences.

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Some of you guys have been asking me about how many bank accounts you should have. All in all, I have 13 "cash accounts" 🤯 This is made up of the cash I have on hand (3), my bank accounts (5), and my e-wallets (5). I know this sounds crazy, but hear me out!

I like to have separate accounts to separate my funds according to what I intend to use them for. If you put your funds all in one account, it can get tempting to spend them in one go. By having separate accounts, it makes it a bit harder for me to access some funds. As a result, I'm able to curb my impulse buying urges because it literally takes more effort to spend my money.

I also have a spreadsheet where I track everything! In this video, I'll be talking about my expense tracking spreadsheet, as well as how I track my general financial standing (net worth).

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01:41 How I Structure My Accounts
02:46 My Accounts: Cash on Hand
04:02 My Accounts: Banks (BDO, Unionbank)
09:00 My Spreadsheet Setup: Personal Finance Tracker on Google Sheets
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NICOLE!!! THE ANSWER IS WE'RE ALWAYS INTERESTED IN WHAT YOU HAVE TO OFFER!!! Kung gusto mo ishare samin yung paggawa ng sa google docs, our queen go!! 💖 Thank you sa lahat ng tulong para umasenso rin ang ibang mga pinoy!! ☺️ Let's all get rich together mga kababayan!

Author — Jean Rose


i’m an accountant and people find it funny how i use excel for everything financial (personal) but it’s just too powerful. i always thought they’re missing out.

Author — ejay t


Yes for the home wallet and the baby steps indeed! ✨I usually track my expenses on a daily basis using my journal and notepad since 2018. Now, thanks to you, I’m more driven on managing my finances well and would love to make these spreadsheets for an upgraded level of tracking my overall expenses and my savings as well. So glad I found you! 🤗

Author — Tracey Plasabas


Hey Nicole! Great video! I also think it's really important to be tracking our personal finances. Just curious to know. How long did it take for you to initially build your personal finance system? And how much time (how often) do you take to maintain/update your set-up?

Author — Zyeraph Bucalan


My 20's were great for building my wealth 😱

• Single ✅
• Ready to work ✅
• Ready to save ✅

Thanks for the comprehensive overview. Always good to discover new YouTubers 👍

Author — theartof moneysaving


Yeah, same here. Got my financial awakening after listening to Rich Dad Poor Dad audiobook 2 months ago. Now I'm slowly structuring my finances properly with the help of your videos. Thanks!

Author — Charlito Bacolod


This is so good Ms. Nicole ❤️ actually I started using the spreadsheet system since 2016 when I started working. Then I got your idea to improve my tracking and as an accountant I really commend your video. This is my 1st time watching your content and with that, I clicked "subscribe" right away 😊😊 thank you and regards to you succeeding videos.

Author — Yanna Monrayo


Nicole, I'm impressed on how you guide the Filipinos regarding finance. I think you are the youngest vlogger I've watched about Finance topics. I'm so proud of you. You are now my favorite finance vlogger. Keep doing what you love. Watching from The Netherlands 🇳🇱❤️

Author — Derl’s World


You are doing really well Nicole! Great job! 1st time I see a young Pinay financial literacy youtuber. Ive been looking for fellow pinays like you online who can influence more young Filipinos to take more accountability with their finances. Saw your MP2 vid before and now your cash flow management systems. Great stuff! Yes, do the google sheets how to. Ive seen a lot of financial vids and yours are very promising. My key takeaway was creating a portfolio summary similar to yours so I can have a birds eye view of my finances. Keep inspiring! 🙏

Author — Jona Quijano


I was literally LITERALLY just thinking about setting up my own financial system for 2021 and Youtube randomly suggested your video. The creepiest!!! Your vids are very helpful btw!! Helped my normal, non-technical brain to understand these things ☺️ looking forward to moreeee!

Author — Merolene Christine


Glad YouTube randomly suggested your video. I’ve always “kept track” of my finances in a non organized way written down on my planner but this is definitely something I’d like to start doing for my sanity 🙏🏼
Grabe, at your age this wasn’t something I even thought of. Great job!

Author — ione



Author — Alegre Banay


It's good that you're already that organize with your financials and started your investment❤️ I also for the longest time wanted to invest but my salaries are swept with bills and for my family. Until i got this job which pays me more than enough so I can actually have money left for investing😁. I personally want all my money on one account because i don't want to track all my money in and out of various bank accounts. Actually I don't leave myself cash unless i need to because if i have money i tend to buy impulsively so that's me restraining myself and it's funny but I also have that budget plan for a month which i allocate my money for the bills, savings and investment. I usually use my credit card just to allocate my expenditures for the next month if i have to. I wanted to seriously save because i've experience not having work and money and It's not forever that i'll have a job so I wanted to plan my savings and investment but my workmates usually say to me that im too uptight with my spendings. Well, they are priviledge to begin with but i'm not and they can afford to live at the moment and I can't. It just sucks when they're getting deliveries for lunch or merienda for the afternoon or milkteas or starbucks and i'll be left out because i have baon haha. Because i can save so much when i bring baon rather than buying lunch everyday.👍

Author — Angela Bagtas


Same here. I also don't feel like using apps because there are limits on tweaking the accounts, so I also build my own financial tracker and statements using spreadsheet. It's nice to see vlogs like this. Keep it up!

Author — s a r a h j a n e


Love your channel, Nicole! Very informative yet easy to understand 😍

Author — Sahara Dela Cerna


Just discovered your channel! Looking forward to more successful financial plans. I'm just a novice in this and really want to be wise in spending money. Thank you for this!

Author — Cohlen Subere


Thanks for this video Nicole. I got a plain old ledger to list the incomes and expenses then transfer it to an app every 2 weeks. I have been using budget tracking apps ever since Nokia days but as income and expenses grow, it becomes too time consuming if you do updating on a real time basis. Whichever works and does the job I guess.

Author — Alison Perez


To someone like me who always mess up my finances and dont know how to manage it by myself, this video means a lot and its very entertaining at the same time. Keep up. New subscriber here ❤️

Author — Jonathan Fortu


Keep doing videos like this because you’re doing it the right way. Very informative and it helps to those people who wants to manage personal finances. A big 👍🏻

Author — Ritchie Rich


We're so much alike!!! I've been saving a lot too since my elem days and we almost have the same savings accounts! Like super. I also like to distribute my money to different savings accounts. Huhu. I can't wait to turn 18 and buy insurance and life plans. Looking forward for more videos!

Author — Mekylla Canillo