How I Manage My Finances in my 20s | Personal Finance System 2020 (Savings, Cards, Spreadsheets)

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In this video, I talk about how I manage my finances in my 20s. My personal finance system is divided into two parts: Cash and Investments. For today, I'll discuss be how my cash system works.

I've started seriously managing my personal finances when I turned 18. There's a lot that I've learned since then, so I make videos like these to the things I've learned from my experiences.

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Some of you guys have been asking me about how many bank accounts you should have. All in all, I have 13 "cash accounts" 🀯 This is made up of the cash I have on hand (3), my bank accounts (5), and my e-wallets (5). I know this sounds crazy, but hear me out!

I like to have separate accounts to separate my funds according to what I intend to use them for. If you put your funds all in one account, it can get tempting to spend them in one go. By having separate accounts, it makes it a bit harder for me to access some funds. As a result, I'm able to curb my impulse buying urges because it literally takes more effort to spend my money.

I also have a spreadsheet where I track everything! In this video, I'll be talking about my expense tracking spreadsheet, as well as how I track my general financial standing (net worth).


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01:41 How I Structure My Accounts
02:46 My Accounts: Cash on Hand
04:02 My Accounts: Banks (BDO, Unionbank)
09:00 My Spreadsheet Setup: Personal Finance Tracker on Google Sheets
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NICOLE!!! THE ANSWER IS WE'RE ALWAYS INTERESTED IN WHAT YOU HAVE TO OFFER!!! Kung gusto mo ishare samin yung paggawa ng sa google docs, our queen go!! πŸ’– Thank you sa lahat ng tulong para umasenso rin ang ibang mga pinoy!! ☺️ Let's all get rich together mga kababayan!

Author β€” Jean Rose


Finally a filipino culture version of all those financial systems (and funnier)

Author β€” Steven Ramos


i’m an accountant and people find it funny how i use excel for everything financial (personal) but it’s just too powerful. i always thought they’re missing out.

Author β€” ejay t


Nicole: "I can't wait for 1, 000 subs!!"
Me: * looks at 60.9K subscribers count*

Author β€” Jazz Girard


I finally found my kind of youtuber for finance topics!!! I really love the way you tackle on this serious matter in a friendlier and millenial way.

Author β€” Divine Jillian IbaΓ±ez



Author β€” Alegre Banay


Adulting is really harder than what the media make it looks like. Hahaha. Good thing channels like yours exist. πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

Author β€” angela cayonte


This is me. I love talking to my friends how I manage my finances and share software applications.

Author β€” Agnes L


Nicole, I'm impressed on how you guide the Filipinos regarding finance. I think you are the youngest vlogger I've watched about Finance topics. I'm so proud of you. You are now my favorite finance vlogger. Keep doing what you love. Watching from The Netherlands πŸ‡³πŸ‡±β€οΈ

Author β€” Derl’s World


I tried my teenage niece to watch your vlogs. I mean they are so lucky that your generation has these kind of channel. Teaching young people about finance.

Author β€” Benjamin Caldona


I was literally LITERALLY just thinking about setting up my own financial system for 2021 and Youtube randomly suggested your video. The creepiest!!! Your vids are very helpful btw!! Helped my normal, non-technical brain to understand these things ☺️ looking forward to moreeee!

Author β€” Merolene Christine


As a financial educator, this is very helpful to Filipino people

Author β€” Mc PG II Abayan


I am so glad that you invested in the MP2 savings ❀️ great choice. Thank you!

Author β€” Alexandrea Nicole Rallonza


You just earned my sub. This is
pretty much the kind of content that every millenial needs to watch.

Author β€” Kenochi


I’m sooo glad i found your channel!! You’re one of the VERY few youtubers that I trust when it comes to receiving personal finance advice!

Author β€” asantos3


Yes for the home wallet and the baby steps indeed! ✨I usually track my expenses on a daily basis using my journal and notepad since 2018. Now, thanks to you, I’m more driven on managing my finances well and would love to make these spreadsheets for an upgraded level of tracking my overall expenses and my savings as well. So glad I found you! πŸ€—

Author β€” Tracey KCP


Finally, the youtube algorithm is making sense with the suggested videos.

Author β€” Audrey


We're exactly the same. Me digging to your channel is not accident. I found another me. Love your vids! 🀎🀎🀎

Author β€” Jessa Cousart


Glad YouTube randomly suggested your video. I’ve always β€œkept track” of my finances in a non organized way written down on my planner but this is definitely something I’d like to start doing for my sanity πŸ™πŸΌ
Grabe, at your age this wasn’t something I even thought of. Great job!

Author β€” ione


One month has passed since I joined/subscribed (?) in r/phinvest in reddit, read rich dad poor dad (still reading think &grow rich haha) watched your YT vids, & I have started to take my finances seriously. Tracked my expenses for 1 solid month, opened a stock brokerage acct, & continued funding my MP2. I'm pumped and excited towards achieving my financial goals & building my asset column. I know there's SOO MUCH to learn but passionate people like you inspires me to keep going!! Thank you, Nicole! 🀟

Author β€” Regina Lacquio