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The ongoing conflict between Afghanistan and Pakistan border escalates. Taliban government in Afghanistan warned Pakistan against invasions.

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Peaceful are everywhere in peaceful mode

Author — Naresh Das


They have $80 Billion worth of US weapons. I can see why they are confident.

Author — Ghost of Antarctica


Where are those Salam Taliban girls of Pakistan 🤣🤣!!

Author — Soumya. Gopinathan. N


Powerful nation's can take even the things which they have no right 🇺🇸🇷🇺🇮🇱🇨🇳🇵🇰

Author — Krishi Brahmania


During 1920, India's govt in exile was in Kabul. After the independence, all countries gave their support for Pakistan in UN including India. Afghanistan is the only country who voted against Pakistan being a UN member. Afghanistan never accepted Durand line. Afghanistan always supported the sovereignty of Baluchistan and Sindh. Afghanistan never accepted the Pakistan's existence.

Author — Abhijeet Kundu


🤔 "OK, but, why would we want to?" 🤣🇵🇰

Author — Handsome Samson


Let them fight bcs that's they want always. There're already lots of global issues.

Author — S S


ha ha ha...let them for rest of world.

Author — Rajendra Jasathy


Taliban are known for their friendliness and being level-headed, I'm sure they can peacefully work this out. Ignore guy in suicide bomb vest, its just Talibanistan fashion.

Author — Maxdout


First NEWS from AFGHANISTAN after
November 2021.

Author — nitin paranjpay


Afghanistan gave same warning few days before also. Or was that warming 😜🦧
Afghanistan needs to enter Pakistan and not only give warMings 🔥❤💣

Author — Martial Arts


pakistan will leave pok to india..for greater peace and link oil line from karachi to gujrat..and have some afghan free trade link..in return

Author — Jay Esoteric


It is the unfortunate destiny of the people of Afghanistan to suffer

Author — Soren Thraceius Jupiter


Worlds weakest country can never fight with strongest Muslim Nation😊

Author — Asad Awan


Name Taliban is the servant of money just 💰💲

Author — Aliworld media


Pakistan and Taliban talking about countering terrorism, is like two serial killers talking about preventing murders.

Author — akash kumar


A stone age country invading a country with nukes.
Crazy area of the world.

Author — John Smith


Oh ya !!! The broadcaster seems to left out the whole Afghanistan statement is they Pakistan about invasion but also warn the elephant to stop fafting needlessly.

Author — Kan Pak Loy


Sorento will be the most powerful group of Goodfellows watch🥀

Author — August AlsinA


Lagta hai 😂😂😂😂 Pakistani army apni maut ko bula rhe hai 😂😂😂