A New Discussion on Greater Serbia, Greater Albania, and Greater Croatia in the Balkans

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A New Discussion on Greater Serbia, Greater Albania, and Greater Croatia in the Balkans. A new proposal to redraw borders in the Balkans is causing a heated discussion with some believing it may be just what the region needs. This diplomatic shockwave has struck the Balkan region of southeastern Europe. A document has emerged from the Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Jansa envisioning new borders for Balkan countries in what would represent a significant regional political realignment. The European Union and the United States have rejected the idea of redrawing borders in the Western Balkans in response to an unofficial proposal to break up Bosnia-Herzegovina and merge Kosovo with Albania.

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All the big powers who did the treaty of London in 1912 should pay the Balkan countries for the damaged they did. Still today bc of that the Balkan region is in conflict and poor, and anytime it may be another war.

Author — Bujar


the only thing that makes sense is kosovo joining albania. macedonia, bosnia are too mixed to be separated without war, because they have mixed villages, mixed towns, mixed governments, etc. so no one will ever agree on anything. to leave kosovo separate from albania, is to neglect our prosperity. how can two fully albanian countries be separate under two different borders and governments? it's absolutely wrong, and is affecting our future the longer we go without unification.

Author — imRenzae


Slovenia pretends to be a regional power hahaha

Author — hira bayassi


The "colossal mistake" was the broke of Jugoslavija.

Author — Teodor Sandu


I am a simple human being, i read ore hear the word "Balkan"
I grab 🍿 and enjoy

Author — Beni Mazigh


Western Europa loves to see balkan on fire 😂

Author — Argjent Begolli


Albania got scammed when the borders were drawn

Author — Dion Jakupi


this is just false and impossible. a war is neccessary for this to happen. but we dont want war, we want prosperity 🇷🇸♥️🇭🇷♥️🇧🇦

Author — SomeRandomBaconBoy


I don't want war! I just want big peace and we all from the Balkans working together to be strong and good💪🏽

Author — Lazar


This nice decision is gonna cause some good changes.

Author — Jim Lawson


Bs idea. Of course we all should concentrate on building a new spartan empire instead!

Author — Milan Bogdanovic


I’m telling you right now, there will be another war if that happens

Author — Sevi Euro


what is today going on in balkans is the result of 1878 great power's corrupt border drawing without thinking of consequences and people living there. that injustice done back then is the reason that so many people had died.

Author — yllbardh


Who ever initiates such process will be the losing party in all of this.

Author — Death Hack


Europe easily splits other people's borders and what is happening in the Balkans is at war for its own, it is America and Europe that is to blame

Author — Vladan Ljubinkovic


Jansa - first to cause the war breakout in 1991. What a criminal mind!

Author — Peace Forever


Romania here.
grabbing some popcorn ..
What's Cookin here, Balkan neighbors ?
me after watching this video:
Ahh...shit! here we go again!

Author — Dan D


BIH cannot be broken up, a war has already happened and we fought over that. It didn’t happen then, it can’t happen today without consensus of everyone. Bosnians would never accept that. Neither would Macedonia.

Author — Bak Lava


How about we unite and draw border between Slavic countries and Western Europe

Author — Passenger88


How about a Greater Italy including Slovenia???

Author — Toro Barbudo