Russia v USA: Global Nuclear Showdown (2017)

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What happens during a nuclear explosion? Who has a bigger nuclear arsenal, Russia or US? Who has more missiles, submarines and more bombers? Who would lose more and who would be the winner? This video tries to answer those questions!

Music by Matija Malatestinic

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💬 Comments on the video

Whatever the case, ISIS will claim responsibility for the attack.

Author — Jack Landry


Nuclear weapons have just taken all the fun out of war.

Author — Rick Layeux


"The only winning move is,
Not to play"

Author — n5syr01


Canada: Wow! Missiles are flying over our heads!

Author — eptitus miller


China: now it’s my turn
Nuclear winter: I don’t think so.

Author — Nathan Li


luckily I live near Detroit Mich which a good part already looks like its been bombed so they will probably skip over it.

Author — iron man


Canada : Starts playing "Stuck in the middle with you, clowns to the left, jokers to the right"

Author — Daniel S


Germany: announced to help Russia

Poland: Ahhhh shit here we go again

Author — Noah


If Sun Tzu was alive and had to add to his book "The Art of War" he would state .
Sun Tzu says. "Do not fight a enemy with 670 ICBMs with 1, 400 Warheads and I mean EVER!".

Author — John Smith


I think canada would be shiting there pants seeing the missiles hi back and forth

Author — Miles M


We should all thank Vasily Arkhiphov that this video just shows an alternate history :)

Author — A Passerby


the winner would be the country that still has 1 person

Author — LanceTheKing


No biggie. Ive been saving bottlecaps for ages now.

Author — Popup Target


If I remember history class, Mutual Assured Destruction kept fingers off the button. You launch yours, I launch mine, and we all die.

Author — Narev


"…meanwhile Australia is down there like, 'WTF, mates?'"

Author — Âmesang


Lol why is Manhattan always “ground zero” for everything

Author — Castlehill650


*If this ever happens, it will surely be the end of the world.*

Author — Joshua Barrios


With stockpiles in numbers ranging above a certain amount, like 3800 for US and 2300 for Russia, the question, "who would win?" is pretty much rendered unanswerable.

If the US detected a significant nuclear threat from Russia, or Russia from the US, with enough warning to retaliate, mutual destruction would be all but assured.

In other words, or, more plainly; NOBODY would win.

Author — TWSTF 8


This has to be scariest video I have ever seen.

The most realistic video of this channel.

Stuff of nightmares, seriously.

Author — KaanTech Crazy


The war would be just a little longer than this video

Author — Riccardo Iannotta