Tensions escalate between Greece and Turkey in eastern Mediterranean

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After weeks of tensions in the Mediterranean Sea, Greece and Turkey have stepped up rival military manoeuvres in recent days. The two countries are at odds over maritime borders, but also - and above all - the search for undersea oil and gas. Concerned by the risk of further escalation, the European Union is calling for dialogue between Athens and Ankara. We take a closer look.

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💬 Comments on the video

Egypt is allied with Israel and Greece?? How ironic :)

Author — Veysel Turan


There is nothing as funny as this map😂😂😂

Author — skinerdemon


There is nothing like an armed conflict to deflect public opinion away from a failed government, especially if the supposed enemy is a natural one.

Author — wadders65


Me: “Can 2020 get any worse”?

Greece and Turkey: “Hold my beer” 🍺

Author — ccnt89


Greece vs Turkey over Mediterrnian gas and US, Poland vs Germany over Baltic Nord Stream pipeline - NATO is doing well godamn

Author — OlSkunGun PS4


2020 is just getting much more interesting

Author — AnthemKing


Why would the EU allow Turkey to reign over the Aegean and the Easten Mediterranean sea whilst exploiting the natural resources of the region? Sounds like a bad idea and France would never allow this to happen. Ottoman Empire which controlled the region is long gone.

Author — specialparadise


"Praise God, we don't have war."

Author — sah Nah


It's really funny how Egypt claim territorial water . It seem someone draw for them.

Author — Kassim Borhan


Stop believing countries anymore, trust yourselves eachother as people of the world orherwise you would be victoms.



My family has lived on the dodecanese islands for centuries, my surname is persian mixed with greek and ottoman influences... I think that people like me are called Ionian. The only thing I expect from Greece and Turkey is to find a peaceful solution for the current tensions.

Author — Iamleros


Ελλάδα είναι πολύ καλό ❤️❤️❤️🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷

Author — Mohammed zaxo


1:33 So is this an argument that laws should not be applied to their letter?

Author — Jon Londrezos


The beauty starts the moment you decide to be yourself and didn’t depend on anyone.

Author — Edfuad Mo


So beautiful there...Greece and Nova Scotia too....smiling~~~

Author — Patricia Krueger


War is no solution, both parties will loose, material, lifes...

Author — Christian Schneider


Haritaniz yanlis biran once degistirin.

Author — Mustafa Dayanır


Sending CdG and Macron’s war rethorics do not help in this matter. It becomes about time that France should stop their Kolonial ambitions and use other nations as their proxy....



War isn't always a solution. Let's behave like growups please. Please stop typing stupid hateful things about human lives.

Author — Ken Spinoza Stone


So after some of the nonsensen written here France Greece had a meeting in Korsika and starting to take military measures against This mad war searching I wanna be pasha..
Also in the biat Italy Cyprus Isreal US Canada Australia etc.
Looks like threatening with war and other bull ain't working out well for Mr Erdogan sadly he already did enough damage.
Especially to the Turkish people as they where on a good way.
Warmongering ain't paying out for no one.

Author — Grimm head