Could Greece and France stop Turkey from taking the eastern Mediterranean?

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Chapter three explores the warfare innovations in the Middle Ages.

Following recent events in Mediterranean Sea, we compare the military forces of Greece and Turkey, and we explore a possible French military intervention. Who'd control the Med? And just how much impact could France have?

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Turkey : I declare war to Greece!
France : I declare war to Turkey!
Germany : I declare war to France!
everyone : yo Germany hold up

Author — Levent Culhan


Turkish people in the comments : We love greeks
Greek people in the comments : We love turks
None greeks and turks in the comments : *WAR* *WAR* *WAR* *WAR* *WAR*

Author — Bachir TBD


Turks and Greeks in the meantime: drinking rakı and uzo and arguing about if baklava is Turkish or Greek.

Author — Ekin Elçi


and then Germany start to attacks France
France: why?
Germany: war is war!

Author — HAKnix


Turkey vs Greece
Winner: Us And France Weapons Industiries

Author — Serdar Aktaş


Majority of Greeks and Turks: No war!

Comment section: We don't do that here

Author — Just Stealth


Friendly greetings and best respects to Greece and Turkey from France, French people love you!

Author — eiPi1 O


Binkov's war scenario was finally tested in the Karabakh war. It was then we realized his videos are entertaining but far from reality.

Don't worry Binkov I'll still watch your videos for entertainment purposes.

Author — William Davis


Somewhere in the world: Countries minding their own business.

The UK, U.S. and France: Allow us to introduce ourselves

Author — Chraman


Can't wait for Andorra vs San Marino episode

Author — Die Nerd


Interesting to imagine a modern air war playing out above the ancient battlefields described by Herodotus

Author — Jasper Zanjani


Turkish and Greece are great people and I am sure they can solve any problems. They have great history and knowledgeable, beauty fully places and generous people. Hope they have peace and tranquillity.

Author — Naima


Δεν χάνουμε σε καμία θάλασσα μας και σε κανένα ουρανό



I'm half English half Turkish, I grew up in Cyprus also lived in Koz - Greece... I'm seriously hoping there isn't going to be a war!!!

Author — StephanosMusic


Well I hope that my Greek friends and me as a Turk can still meet up and drink raki

Author — Shaq 69


I don’t think people from Greece and turkey hate each other. It’s just politics 👀👀🤷🏻‍♂️

Author — FOOTY Vids


Judging by the comment section it seems that Turkey and Greece would probably Join forces and fight Europe together lol

Author — Arz Ra


I hope there won't be any war between Turkey and Greece.
Wish all of you a peacefull life

Author — dark knight


The best war is achieved with peace🇹🇷🇬🇷

Author — Golden Bros Squad


Savasta bari delikanli olun lan 2 vs 1 nedir 😂

Author — Lakelos