Could Greece and France stop Turkey from taking the eastern Mediterranean?

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Chapter three explores the warfare innovations in the Middle Ages.

Following recent events in Mediterranean Sea, we compare the military forces of Greece and Turkey, and we explore a possible French military intervention. Who'd control the Med? And just how much impact could France have?

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Turkey : I declare war to Greece!
France : I declare war to Turkey!
Germany : I declare war to France!
everyone : yo Germany hold up

Author — Levent Culhan


Turkish people in the comments : We love greeks
Greek people in the comments : We love turks
None greeks and turks in the comments : *WAR* *WAR* *WAR* *WAR* *WAR*

Author — BachirTBD1999


and then Germany start to attacks France
France: why?
Germany: war is war!

Author — HAKnix


Turks and Greeks in the meantime: drinking rakı and uzo and arguing about if baklava is Turkish or Greek.

Author — Ekin Elçi


Turkey vs Greece
Winner: Us And France Weapons Industiries

Author — Serdar


Binkov's war scenario was finally tested in the Karabakh war. It was then we realized his videos are entertaining but far from reality.

Don't worry Binkov I'll still watch your videos for entertainment purposes.

Author — William Davis


Interesting to imagine a modern air war playing out above the ancient battlefields described by Herodotus

Author — Jasper Zanjani


Friendly greetings and best respects to Greece and Turkey from France, French people love you!

Author — eiPi1 O


Majority of Greeks and Turks: No war!

Comment section: We don't do that here

Author — Just Stealth


Can't wait for Andorra vs San Marino episode

Author — Die Nerd


Please do an update on this issue after the France-Greece deal!

Author — psaras


I like how easy you destroy Crete which is one if not the strongest place in Greece due to isolation from mainland turkey lots of sea around it with ships and plans and anti aircraft missiles

Author — ρναγυ κροκοδειλε


video would make sense.if turks didnt have uav's and tb-2s and akinci uavs.

Author — john thracian


I have seen it all now. The Russian answer to Kermit the Frog is a high ranking general.

Author — Prof. Harvey Crichton


The best war is achieved with peace🇹🇷🇬🇷

Author — Golden Bros Squad


It makes sense if both countries live in peace as they both suffered immensely by raging fires in their countries. Both could share their natural resources such as water which Turkey has rich in reserves .Equally both countries face same hostiles countries such as Iran and Russia and terrorism

Author — Kaya Coker


I imagine both side with have extensive hydro acoustic intelligence networks, so it might be more a brute force conflict than you would think.

Author — Ben Wilson


Involving Cyprus in the scenario, means involving the British. Both the Sovereign Bases Territories of Akrotiri and Dekalia would be involved in the defence of Cyprus. That is part of the agreement.

Author — arkzulu


The Greeks and the Turks must understand that. We are playing the game of the great powers, we make them rich by buying expensive weapons, and our economies are ruined. If our people understand that in a few years we will be one of the richest nations.

Author — motostefanos 2


Imagine an alternate reality where Greece and Turkey are friends, patrol the most neuralgic part of the world which truly connects east and west, and we don't give a shit about anyone else.
Feels like a dream!

Author — topografer