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Since the beginning of this year, about 4000 migrants crossed the English channel. These illegal migrants rely on smugglers to help them sneak onto British soil.

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these healthy young men should be ashamed of abandoning their own homelands. they should stay there and fight, and not leave it up to those left behind

Author — yvonne andreassen


Let the British Empire have some fun (give them everything for free) till it becomes and is a Third world country 😃😃😃😃

Author — sadhyaru1


These people can claim Asylum in the first safe country they come to as per international law. Strictly speaking anyone who doesn't shouldn't be considered for asylum. These people are in France and typically have gone through many safe countries to get there already. They are young male economic migrants not asylum seekers.

Author — Robert Cullen


Don't give them asylum else you would start seeking Asylum when they get in majority

Author — THE OM


At least now, the so-called leftists and liberals of India, should appreciate the foresight of PM Modi in enacting CAA, after so much of misconceived agitation, though!!

Author — E M RAO


They just want to get in now, then want Sharia later.

Author — Ram Bo


Britain has strict laws on immigrants, but once they are on British soil its another matter...oh how astute

Author — Shane Erasmus


Maybe people should fight for their own country rather than overwhelm other countries?

Author — Michael Reilly


So basically London is the new Johannesburg now.

Author — platinumpig


Why don't you ever see women and children? Aren't they supposed to be the 1st to escape?

Author — W DK


British youth: wtf is happening?
Oldie Brits: it's karma lads. Enjoy the future

Author — Northern Wing


I had seen so many migrants in London. They must stop somewhere else they will lose their country to illegal migrants who don't adopt and respect local culture.

Author — PP


The funny thing about all this is that very few African countries would even take in these migrants.

Author — TheMrgoodmanners


Multiculturalism has already failed ..

Author — Shashank Dimpu


Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today

Author — Arlind Brahimi


"We are fleeing war!" just to declare war on those not of their religion in their adopted country. smh

Author — Cool MT


There is no need to cross the channel if the migrants just want to flee war etc. They take that huge extra risk because UK has some of the best services, houses and government money to give them.This is why I don't agree with illegals

Author — Ian Farquharson


*In Islam: "Aggressor must be killed". WHO ARE THE 'AGGRESSOR' IN  ISLAM ??*

*Definition of Aggressor in the subject "Jihad"(Name of the subject is Jihad also name of the book is "JIHAD").*

*"Jihad" is a subject in Islamic teaching University  name "Darul Uloom Deoband", UP, India and other around the World.*

"Islam suggested fight and kill all Aggressor". 

*Who are Aggressors in the eyes of Islam??– Those who don't follow  "Laa Elaahaa illallah muhammad ur Rasulullah" – "In the world NOBODY to be worshipped  EXCEPT Allah and Muhammad is His massager(Profit)"!!*

 *Those are not obeying this 'Laa Elaahaa' slogan, they are working against Islam. Who are against Islam, they are termed as AGGRESSOR and this Aggressors should be killed brutally.*

Author — swarup.k. dasgupta


*Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.*

Author — Jean Jones


As a UK born n bred Citizen, been ‘mugged’ off yet again by this Government n so called Brexit

Tax tax tax…….Taxi for you n your cronies Johnson

Author — MrDavidp180