Hurricane Katrina DVD Documentary, from Miami to New Orleans and Biloxi.

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Update Note: 9/11/2014 I did not pick up the guy in the middle of the storm because what he was looking for was right down the street. I had walking pneumonia and in a shady city with a lot of expensive gear and 30 gallons of fuel sitting in the back seat. For those of you complaining about why I did not pick the guy up, I ask why did the Mayor not order the evacuation sooner? The same mayor, Nagin who this week began serving a 10-year prison sentence, following his conviction in February on 20 criminal counts! Why did I give the second guy a ride? Because, I had already filled up my truck with the fuel cans, gave away most of my survival supplies to the police at the airport and had all my stuff packed up and ready to drive to Houston and go home. AND he did not have far to go and knew exactly where he needed to go. And he had a puppy with him and I don't care what race you are, if you are risking your life to save you're pet, that wins points for me. REMEMBER, after the storm the next day when I knew I was going to Houston that night, I gave away the several empty fuel can's, weeks worth of supply of food and 10 gallons of bottle water that were also in the truck and had room in the vehicle for the man and his dog. Don't call me a racist, I'm the only one that has told the truth to what really happened in NOLA without it being political.

The only independent video production that documents Hurricane Katrina from both sides of the eye as the storm devastated the United States Gulf Coast.

Filmed in Miami, FL at Katrina's first land fall and in the air with the NOAA Hurricane Hunters, we chart Katrina's path towards the record breaking landfall.

The footage continues in New Orleans, LA prior to Katrina to document the evacuation of the region. As the storm nears the Gulf Coast, it also continues in Biloxi, MS before the record breaking storm surge destroys the coast.

We bring you through the storm and after the storm for an in-depth look at what was really happening 24 hours after Katrina in New Orleans.

This production was filmed and produced by the videographers who were on the ground and in the middle of Katrina the storm and storm surge came on shore on the morning of 08/29/2005.

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I love how "natural" this documentary is. No crazy music or manipulated videos. It's all through the experience of one person which makes it more "real" when you watch it.

Author — vgames89


I’ll always remember a man telling the news people how he lost his wife to the flood, how she was swept away in the storm surge and the last thing he said was “she gone, she gone”. It was heartbreaking.

Author — Richard Smith


“Weathers fine, it’s been hot here”
“Wait 30 hours…”

Damn that’s haunting

Author — Dream Online


Journalist: I can't believe the police are still patrolling.

Police: I can't believe this journalist is still out here.

Author — Wild Eye Studios


I found this documentary about a year ago. I watched others but this one by far is the most comprehensive. The commentator isn't screaming, "yo dude, look at the water, OMG, yo dude!" He speaks intelligently and only when necessary. The footage is edited beautifully. So often it drags on. The time line paints the picture which allows the viewer to understand when and what is happening. Others go back and forth such that its a jumble of events. Excellent job of maintaining the scope of his mission! None better.

Author — Melinda Johnson


I Now live in Australia... But was born and raised in NOLA. I unfortunately rode Katrina out, and the worse part about it, not shown here, were the bodies of the less fortunate. They were everywhere. Everywhere. Still brings tears to my eyes to think back on this devastation. My heart goes out to the families and families of friends who lost. Though im in Australia now. ill never forget Katrina.

Author — Troy Thomas


I was 5 years of age when this happened. I am a New Orleans native, me and my family escaped hurricane Katrina during mandatory evacuation and resided in Atlanta, Georgia for 3 years. My childhood home was completely destroyed, the storm left us devastated and all of our belongings were destroyed. continuing to pray 4 survivors during this catastrophic storm.

Author — Sadiyah Muhammad


Excellent footage and documentary. Made me realize just how bad these people suffered while I watched from my television in WV. Thank You!

Author — Brian Staley


A time I’ll never forget. One of the most devastating events in my life. I’m still kinda speechless 15 years later. People are still searching for loved ones 15 years later

Author — david lambert


Its been 15 years and this is the first Katrina documentary I have ever watched! I don't know how I found my way to your video, but I appreciate how you just documented everything, it wasn't sensationalized! Great Doc!!

Author — Chavonne


Thumbs up! Such a interesting video! I so love the care content creators put into their films here on yt! Can’t wait to see more videos from this channel! I have been creating YT vlogs for some months now and I wish the community values the content I make too ;) Greets Mike!

Author — Making it happen Vlog


Did I search for this? No.
Did I watch the whole thing? Yes.

Author — Supaspikemaster


We left that Thursday before the storm and way before the mandatory evacuation and it took us like 10 hours to get to Baton Rouge. I remember seeing a guy on a bike pass us on Airline Highway and fade off into the sunset.

Katrina was more of an engineering disaster for New Orleans than a natural one. It should have never flooded. Poor maintenance.

Author — GSZero


I watched this whole video. I can't imagine actually seeing the lower 9th ward. So much death and disaster. It's hard when the amount of people that needed help really couldn't get help as fast as they wanted it. I think people wanted their lives back faster than what FEMA was doing. I can't imagine going through this.

Author — David Imhoff


Katrina was an experience I’ll never forget. It’s weird because I didn’t see how traumatizing it was to me until I look back now. I was in 8th grade at the time. It still feels like a long strange dream that never happened.

Author — Samantha Gxld


Ten years later this is suggested to everyone and we all watched the whole thing

Author — LardNuts


I am one of the people that was at the Coliseum and you actually have me on video when I was playing in the Wind at timestamp 19:47 thank you for documenting it as well as you did I can honestly say it's one of the worst days of my life

Author — biloxi biker


I think everyone agrees when we say were so happy you made this video, I would not be surprised in the decades to come if this becomes a National Treasure

Author — Philly Fan


Watching while Ida approaches Louisiana. Hoping for the best for everyone in NOLA.

Author — Andrew Parker


Just watching as IDA, the Beast, approaches The beloved NoLo. Great footage captured. I appreciated the references to the rescuers that waited to take people to safety. An the knowledge of allowing the viewers to see exactly where you were once the water was high. Blessings to All 8-29-21

Author — Laurel Lynn