What if Turkey Leaves NATO?

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What if Turkey leaves NATO? The Turkish president announces his desire to leave NATO. What will happen if the Turkey-NATO alliance ends?

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Sources: The Hill, Reuters, BBC

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Maybe NATO should stop supporting Turkey's mortal enemies? And half a dozen coups did not help with NATO's public image in Turkey either.

Author — dfdhfhgj


Russia isn't actually that friendly to Turkey either, Turkey is even helping Ukraine right now

Author — head of shit


As a Greek the only thing I want to say that every time I see Turkeys map is that I am amazed for the fact that there is a city in the east which is called Batman!

Author — Steppe Lancer


Without Turkey NATO will have no leg to stand in Europe. Don't worry too much about Erdoğan worry about the western double standard NATO's double standard towards Turkey.

Author — Sheikh Noor


Naah. NATO is a good establishment to be in it. It protects you from NATO itself.

Author — Tolga O.


As Turks, we are not enemies to the West, we are Muslims, this does not make us war activists, we are people of peace and love, we did not say that we do not know how to fight, we said that we do not like to fight.we love the people of every country, it is important not to forget the human factor, so that you live your life properly everyone's faith in themselves

Author — Mehmet Cimen


"...buying Russian military equipment over U.S. objections"? Oh so u mean Turkey never wanted to buy the patriot system or the F35? The U.S said no, thats why Turkey has the right to buy other systems to protect their borders. I've watched so many of your videos but this is the worst one. Nothing than lies..

Author — Unknown


Do video about Gold mines in Mali. How mostly France and USA smuggle golds. Exploit african citizens whealth.

Author — can turan


Erdogan is smarter than most world leader think. Being the only Muslim power house in NATO (second largest army) gives it clout but it also allows for very important intelligence sharing with NATO given its geo spatial location bordering Europe and the Middle East. The issue for Turkey is being in NATO restricts it's own growth. As does being an EU candidate. Turkey knows the EU and NATO are Western alliances which are not Muslim and are not going to defend Turkey. Its a relationship based on needs, not true unity e.g. Turkey's well being secures Europe's safety from issues stemming from the mid east and Europe helps Turkey maintain its strength and stability so Europe doesn't sink if Turkey becomes volatile. Under NATO, Turkey holds 50 plus nuclear bombs, but these are US coded and limit Turkey's relationship with Russia. Erdogan knows Turkey's real strength is itself and its own geospatial location e.g. control of the Dardanelles and black Sea, oil.and gas in East med, Cyprus etc
The EU and US allow Turkey to grow but only to a certain point and a restrictive one at that..Erdogan is trying very hard to sever the alliance relationship Turkey has with the West/NATO so it's no longer obliged to Western demands and control e.g. what's happening with its own self determination in the East Med. Turkey is set to be a power onto itself neither allied here nor there.

Author — MrOk


"Ordogan is beginning to align Turkey with Russia, buying a Russian military equipment over U.S. objections" what a double standard, biased and misleading statement. The fact is Turkey which is a friend, an ally has repeatedly requested to buy the Patriot. U.S. rejected to sell it to Turkey and then U.S. sanctioned Turkey for buying S400. What a hypocrisy!

Author — Mohamed Nor


Turkey leaving Nato means Nato will be useless. The only real Power left would be the USA. They dont want turkey to leave, would be a crazy loss.

Author — Sentis Slang


S-400 to Turkey indicate how Russian are keen to accommodate Turkey.
Infact American refusal to provide patriot to Turkey forced Turkey to buy Russian Defence system.

Author — GGG


Turkey, the United States in the Middle East
It is a breathing apparatus. An average person can easily understand this by looking at the map.
The party that does not act as an ally is the USA. If it continues like this, the Middle East will be the furthest geography for the USA.

Author — Arif Mehniyar


Never heard such a thing like leaving the NATO? its not even debated in Turkey? This sounds like wishfull thinking of some Euro countries...

Author — batur kaplan


Turkey and Russia are not allies. They are separate countries with separate foreign policies that sometimes contradict but also sometimes agree with each other. They will make policies that are in their own national interests so just leave them alone.

Author — PooPoo PeePee


We should forget everything about the government.... Bitcoin is the best investment is the best to focus on now

Author — Albert John


as long as you are depending on others then you cannot be master of your own.

Author — Liban Jama


When greece left the NATO, everything seems nice but the time come back to NATO the U.S. kiised the hand of Turkey to take Greece again. They must thank to coup leaders since any logical man did not accept this.

Author — beytullah altundal


İn fact nato refused selling air defender systems turkey, thats why Turkey bought S 400s

Author — Enes Çelik


Hence, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the military alliance of the West, will have to pamper Islamist fundamentalists no matter what.

Author — Evangelos Kantianis