Nintendo Switch Sports Review

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Nintendo Switch Sports was reviewed on Nintendo Switch by Colin Stevens.

Nintendo Switch Sports, like Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort before it, is best played as a party game, broken out for any gathering that needs a quick injection of goofy, active fun. While its sparse mixture of old and new sports varies in quality, Switch Sports largely sticks the landing on what made its predecessors memorable: intuitive motion controls, the ability to effortlessly get a group of people up and moving, and some killer menu music that's liable to get stuck in your head all day. Just don't expect to spend a whole lot of time with it before the novelty wears off.


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The story about how your parents played the game really sums up a big part of the Wii’s success. The motion control were very simplistic and didn’t offer much beyond simple movements. However, people’s imaginations took it to the next level. The games didn’t actually recognize or react to your crazy movements, but the belief that it did made these simple games a lot more fun and involved. You could easily play Wii tennis sitting down, but who actually did that?

Author — TheDapperDolphin


This man woke up and described in detail how his parents owned him in switch sports

Author — Trayambak Chakravarty


having played the tech-test, the multiplayer in this game is crazy. it's fast, streamlined, intuitive and responsive

very surprised and kinda disappointed these reviews happened without launch day multiplayer existing

there's an in-depth ranking system they developed for it, as well as customization and progress unlockables

16 player elimination battle royale styled bowling was insane during the test. all of these games will have tons of replay value with a competitive ranking system and unlockables.

Author — mitchEDITS


Honestly, archery is sorely missed. It was my favorite on Wii Sports resorts. The controls were really precise and intuitive. Hopefully one day as DLC on this new collection.

Author — Clem84


I’m excited for this game, but this does seem like a downgrade over Wii Sports Resort which felt a lot more fleshed out than the original game. This feels like it has quality of Resort with the quantity of the original, and considering that Resort is over 12 years old, this game really should’ve had more content than a 12 year old game

Author — Wangan King


Hopefully Nintendo releases updates with more sports. Looking forward to bowling, tennis and badminton with the fam.

Author — Joe Peoples


I’m just happy they haven’t abandoned the type of game that made the Wii so special. A lot of people will dismiss games like wii sports as just being a cheap gimmick but playing those games with friends and family is some of the most fun I’ve had with video games

Author — Not So Cool Dude


Worth every penny for the bowling alone, and now all 4 players can go at the same time that’s awesome. Hopefully we see baseball and boxing as DLC in the future.

Author — Andrew Chiuchiolo


For me the online bowling semi-battle-royale-style mode elevates this game to a whole new level

Author — Dashiell Gregory


Really makes you FEEL like a sports player, 9/10 a little something for everyone

Author — Seb Stenson


Contrary to your opinion, I've enjoyed the Football mode the most! It really feels the most tactical because of the importance of positioning, passing to teammates at the right time and aiming the ball correctly.

Author — DizzyHotSauce


all it needs is the 3pt contest, baseball and boxing and i’ll buy a switch just for this

Author — Sine Sensu


"Remember 15 years ago when everyone was playing Wii Sports?"

Jesus Christ, make me feel old

Author — ZurichKitten


To me it looks like you don’t have to move as much as you had to in wii sports resort. Which is a shame because wii sports was always about wild movement. Chanbara for an example looks like it only requires one quick handmove and not a full arm swing.

Author — Primo Scarab


It went from a novelty party game to nostalgia freak gamers playing a competitive minigame collection AND ITS GREAT

Author — OmenBurst


The lack of archery is for me the biggest flaw in this package - I'd have liked to see the game utilise the ring-con to emulate drawing back the bow string as an option.

Author — Taien Quinn


It's pretty disillusioning that they put both Tennis AND Badminton in here, when they only have 6 sports total. It's kind of a wasted slot that could have been used for sports with more variety.

Author — Seankichu


Definitely think the replay value is going to skyrocket whenever online gets going

Author — Adam Reed


A VR version of a Nintendo sports will be the next installment that will have novelty and be great fun. This seems like a Wii Sports repeat

Author — TEZALD


I’m glad this is back. Nintendo sold a wii to both my parents and my aunt and uncle back in the day who don’t ever play video games but found wii sports to be so much fun. Definitely something special there with wii sports.

Author — Jay T