Israeli couple arrested in Turkey arrive home

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Analysis by Amb. (Ret.) Alon Liel, former Head of Israel's diplomatic mission to Turkey. 

Bennett and Lapid thanked Erdogan for his efforts in securing the couple's release

The Israeli couple jailed in Turkey for alleged spying, Natalie and Mordy Oknin, were released early Thursday, according to Israeli officials.

In a joint statement, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Foreign Minister Yair Lapid said they were on their way back to Israel. They arrived later in the morning

The pair also thanked Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for his efforts in securing their release.

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Praying for peace beweren Israel and Turkey

Author — janneke de brie


Meantime all the tomatoes that idf soldiers eat are from turkey...

Author — 𓃵


I could not Imagine what would happen if some muslims would illegaly take pictures of Bennets house….

Author — R.T. 2018


Amen Thankyou Father God Jesus for answered prayer!

Author — D K


I don’t understand why Israel’s President would need to coordinate with Greece and Cyprus a phone call to the President of Turkey. It saddens me to hear how low relations between Israel and Turkey may have fallen. Turkey is a great friend of Israel, with Israel’s existence adding to the diversity and enriching heritage of all peoples living in the Near/Middle East. I’ll pray that friendship between Israel and Turkey improve as quickly as possible based on shared history, economic prosperity, and acceptance of women’s leadership in society. Israel may show patience with Turkey that’s going thru a significant democratic and economic trial of late internally. Thru scholarship opportunities for Turkish youth to study in Israel science and technology, or efforts to bring more academic scholars to study and preserve Istanbul’s Ladino culture and heritage thru research grants, something better may come about in the coming years ahead. Also, given Turkey’s relationships with Iran, a rapprochement between Israel and Iran via Turkey isn’t something that’s too unreasonable. Overall, Turkish people are very proud of how the Ottomans were able to absorb and settle Jewish refugees who made Tracia, Anatolia and beyond home, and Israel can play some constructive role to help the broader Turkish society from relearning that reality of history. Shalom!

Author — Senem Ozer


Israeli tourists will be vacationing in Greece.

Author — Professor McClaine


I thank God for his guidance and grace to the Turkey president that this couple were just visitors enjoy their tour HIS the way maker always protecting his nation.

Author — Mavis Zwane


Thank God 🙏🏼✝️

No one should ever go to Turkey again.

Author — Cris Seven


learn to behave in their countries. why did you mark his palace? nuts

Author — Jennifer Rodrigues


I love Israel. I am not Jewish. I have no religion....

Author — Ceylon


Turkey did this because of Armenia battle

Author — Steve Soltysiak