Maria Callas Live: Bizet's Carmen Habanera, Hamburg 1962

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Callas’s only operatic appearances in Germany were Lucia di Lammermoor, with Karajan conducting, in Berlin in 1955, and La sonnambula in Cologne in 1957, but in both 1959 and 1962 she made concert tours of the country, visiting Hamburg twice. The video recordings of her concerts in the city showcase her in a dazzling variety of Italian and French repertoire for both soprano and mezzo-soprano: three contrasting Verdi roles (Lady Macbeth, Elvira from Ernani and Elisabetta from Don Carlo); Imogene from Bellini’s Il pirata; Giulia from La vestale; Chimène from Massenet’s Le Cid; Verdi’s most explosively dramatic aria for mezzo-soprano – Eboli’s ‘On don fatale’ from Don Carlo; Carmen’s seductive Habanera and Seguédille and, from Rossini’s La Cenerentola, Angelina’s final rondo, which magically combines modest charm and sparkling virtuosity.


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💬 Comments on the video

An Italian genre of music, French composer and language, story about Spain, sung by a Greek, conducted by an Austrian for a German audience! European culture at its best!

Author — toy2day1


Ok a french opera about spain sung in french by a greek national to a german audience.. It was superb

Author — Mike Haws


Isn't it amazing that this concert was in 1962, but Maria Callas' voice still rezonates till 2021?
Who is still listening to her breathtaking operas in 2021?

Author — Vinne


Don't ask "Who's still listening in 2021?"... We never stopped listning in the first place.

Author — Luqman Baloch


they nailed "Les Toreadors" at the start, Bravo, you can tell how much she enjoys it!

Author — Leo Koutakis


Man, the confidence is in the body language, the crossed arms, the facial expressions, the POINTING, the swinging back and forth that you just HAVE to do on those notes, and that’s not even to mention the singing. What a great art form, very glad this came with a video, half of the beauty truly is in the way she grabs the audience so tightly, so confidently, it’s almost alien! You know I don’t mean this as an insult but I personally don’t find her attractive, and I bring that up because a lot of these comments are so focused on either calling her ugly or just fawning over how beautiful she is, and I think that’s a shame because no matter how she looks, she fucking NAILED this, absolutely dominated this performance with the precision and skill of a god damn brain surgeon. Imagine you get out of surgery and instead of thanking the doctor you tell her she’s pretty, it doesn’t make any sense to focus on that.

Author — Luciano Cappellano


In response to a previous comment: "A French opera about Spain sung in French by a Greek national to a German audience."--- Music is universal.

Author — Linn Specialist


The power this woman holds.... the graceful confidence. The delivery. The class. When you passed away and people keep falling in love with you time after time, generation after generation. The way she looks to the audience: "I am about to take you to paradise"

Author — ANDIBO987


She has such an extraordinary "control" of her voice. Not a note out place!

Author — Gaijin


Космическая Дама. Людям посылают фантастических Вестников. Но не понимает человечество. Бриллиант, Богиня.

Author — Елена Семенихина


Just a reminder:
She was Greek, she was practicing from 16 year's old, she was the best

Author — AgustTea • 10 years ago


Великая, ослепительная, божественная,чудо и это все она, Мария Каллас.Браво царственная.

Author — Валя Кузнецова


Богиня непревзойдённая, сплошной восторг!

Author — Михаил Шкирман


Шедевральное исполнение, неповторимая Мария Каллас!!❤️👏

Author — Elena Tdermidou


Их всех давно уже нет, но музыка и голос остались вечно!

Author — Ігор Куліков


She started singing at 2:15 but her performance began at 0:04. I've never thought I would enjoy watching someone just standing there.

Author — alice alfons


Божественная, неподражаемая Мария!!!!

Author — Гульнура Алиханова


Какая красота...как прав Чехов, в человеке все должно быть красивым.Голос...манера все вызывает восхищение !!

Author — Sau Ember


Потрясающая, натуральная мимика! И бровки поднимет и лобик нахмурит, и носик сморщит! Прелесть! Живая! Не то что сейчас ботоксные куклы с силиконовой душой!

Author — Sun Sun


Not many people would have just stood there so gracefully just waiting for their part. She was very truly a diva.

Author — Gabriel Cordeiro