Taliban allows plane loaded with Americans to leave Kabul

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NBC's Josh Lederman joins Shep Smith to report on the first plane to leave Afghanistan with Americans on board after initially being blocked by the Taliban.

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He said, , "Much of the military weapons that Biden left behind were destroyed"...this guy is a Democrat tool!

Author — HHO Sailing


I would think the Taliban would want all westerners to leave. They consider us a bad influence.

Author — GenX X


The Question is how much Did this administration pay the Taliban for this result ?

Author — Groovy Grower


They're deporting the foreigners. That's all.
Once they're out, they can focus on governing their own country by themselves. Good luck.

Author — qwest pond


Happy our Americans coming home. However let's make sure not to give trader Joe and his administration any credit for this. These people should have never been left behind in the first place.

Author — UFO Gaming


Aww, that's so nice of them! Thanks, Taliban!

Author — Andro


Was there any way we could have known that they might have rigged the air plane? And what about those planes on the ground at Kabul airport?

Author — Daryl Brown


They paid the taliban. This isn't a good faith act. We paid for those people back. Don't confuse this.

Author — Johnny Scotty


You're such a liar I've got four other plans with military and United States citizens on it and and Afghanistan when are they going to be let go

Author — Darlene Gilleo


Before or after the billions on a pallet got air dropped in???

Author — John72TB


"Taliban allows"

It's interesting to see how they're calling the shots. What a joke of a administration we have.... no wonder world allies are criticizing Biden

Author — Boo Craft


What is wrong with this statement? " The Taliban ALLOWED . . . ."

Author — Leigh Chambers


“Destroyed much of its equipment” except the 87 billion dollars worth of it. So fake.

Author — Cornelius


Tandoori baked tally buns extra crisp 🚀🔥🎉

Author — Daniel Ross


Thank God the Taliban allows the US to fly

Author — Two Dogs AndaMan


Waiting for the giant explosion shortly after takeoff.

Author — Rick Sterling


As long as they remain safe and alive.

Author — The Good Great Spirit


Im sure they are very well vetted by Biden & the Taliban

Author — -Trump-Support-2021


Twenty years later, and they’re allowing now. How nice.

Vets. Be healed. You’re forgiven by powers greater than the ones who sent you there. Learn your authority.

Author — Michelle Glo


Taliban: "Thanks for the military equipment joe, here's some of your citizen back as a reward."
Biden: "My butt's been wiped"

Author — himmelsturmerIX