The Wild $50M Ride of the Flash Crash Trader

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In May, 2010, from his bedroom in London, Navinder Sarao, helped cause panic in U.S. markets. Bloomberg’s Liam Vaughan tells the story of The Flash Crash Trader, also known as The Hound of Hounslow.

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Author — Bloomberg Quicktake


Moral of the story: it is a crime to profit from the rich

Author — H R


*Small time trader beats the big guys and they say it's manipulation, got it.*

Author — Mohammad was illiterate


The rich don’t like it when the little guy plays the game better than them

Author — Talis


so let me get this straight:
1) Market makers create a highly manipulative market where they set all the rules
2) Someone shows up playing by their rules and beats them
3) He goes to jail for doing something most trader firms do everyday before lunch
4) Makes sense

Author — goma3


Stock exchange: Creates High frequency Trading
Nav: Does High Frequency Trading
Stock Exchange: Arrest that

Author — blank stuff


Meanwhile not a single person was arrested during 2008 housing bubble

Author — vishan singh


At the end of the day he didn't even want or care about the money. He saw a system he could exploit, a video game he could play and win at, and he won.

Author — Skux


This right here fellas... this a perfect movie script, just find someone that is willing to direct it

Author — Gus El Clueless


The real scammers, large hedge funds, had a problem with them getting outsmarted by a kid

Author — Divyarth Churiwal


This has got to be the most unfair trial I've heard about in a while.

Author — kebman


So the “experts” can do it and it’s ok. But a guy from his bedroom is not ok.

Author — Steven McGlinn


when a single player "manipulates the market" he gets sent to trial and jailed. When HF's manipulate the market they get bailed and more funds to continue another day. Sounds fair.

Author — masterxDh20


I guarantee this guy is a multi-millionaire again we just don't know because he still is keeping it lowkey

Author — Wesley Baker


Such a motivation, the story of a man starts with nothing and reached to the highest level 💪, it's obvious that many Rich people hates him, for us navinder is a inspiration not a criminal master mind !!!!

Author — Yatin _Solo_


<I watch a lot of YouTube videos and see a lot of traders earning massively and then I start to wonder what I could possibly be doing wrong because I’ve been trading for a couple of months and every trading attempt seems to be red, never have I seen a green day. It is really frustrating seeing loses without any profit. So, I decided to work a bit more on myself and then opened a demo account, do my analysis, then take the opposite of what I would normally take and get the same result. I'm starting to feel hopeless, any advice for a struggling trader?

Author — Nate O'Brien


This fella was nothing more than a low-level scapegoat.

Author — T H E K I T P L U G


The rich see's economic crisis as garage sale, that's why investing right now will be the best decision.

Author — William Adams


"He is a Villain"
Because the rich point the finger.

Author — MisclickMilk


If he had the money and had greed, he would have secured himself.. whata guy, respect to you nav.

Author — Jas Tiwana