Why can't Kadir Doğulu and Burak Özçivit be friends?

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Is it true that Kadir Doğulu and Burak Özçivit are feuding with each other? Why didn’t the actors invite each other to weddings? What is the reason for this coldness? Kadir Doğulu gave a frank interview to the Turkish press, in which he revealed some secrets. It was not at all what you thought!

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The truth of the matter is that Neslihan and Burak made the best couple on the screen. I don't see why their spouses should have a problem with that. From what I read during season 1 Neslihan and Burak were cordial to each other, but after she married Kadir things changed. That's a shame. The spouses should respect each other's career. Neslihan and Burak were very professional. We all hope that they work together again on another series. They are extremely talented actors with a bright future.

Author — Maritza C


For me I chose BURAK OZCiVIT coz he's an understanding man & has s strong faith mostly respectable....

Author — Madzna Yusop


People need to separate reality from fiction they are actors who will be on screen with others which is separate from their personal life. Please get real.

Author — Vashty Ketaily


The thing I see is that these 2 actors, have fallen in love. Burak is so much better than Kadir, and Kadir is jealous. I'm sorry Kadir, but Burak and Neslihan(Kemal and Nihan) are the best couple.

Author — Sophie K_K


Neslihan and Burak will forever be in my heart 😔💕

Author — comment


Kadir is still jealous of burak because he is technically more successfull than him and because he felt the admiration of neslihan burak

Author — Yosef Malk



Author — B. A.


Kemal and nihan would have been real husband and wife.... they made for each other

Author — Mary Bathula


I hv watched so.many Turkish dramas n if KS got an Emmy its because of N n B n K they made it a show no one can take away the love onscrewn of these two that bewitched the whole world. The fact that after an emmy they dont come back for another is evident of jealous spouses sad but true. If you are looking for true love look at Kara Sevda n its script actors n music it made the world stand up n know Turkey's amazing drama n talent hats off to Burak n Nesilan.

Author — Janet Pereira


I can watch OZCIVIT..only with NESLIHAN..and NESLIHAN..the SAME!!.. It's clear for me..they loved each other very much..

Author — Liza Fix


Neslihans husband is jealous of her as he is so much older than her. She's a very good actress and not long ago he commented on her westernised dressing. Knowing that they are all playing a roll shouldn't upset him that much. Is it possible that she is more successful than him? Get a life Kadir.

Author — Bernita Hector


Kadir should come out and say the real reason why burak and he can't be friends maybe burak and neslihan fell in love and he knew it that's why he pushed neslihan into getting married felt he was losing his gold mine because she is a great actress but it's late for this interview because they are both married so many yrs have past and now to each his own burak and neslihan probably don''t even think about each other

Author — Flor Alaniz


Never can be friends because Burak is one amazing person with high cualidades and Kadir has to learn a lot , Kadir don’t see it, talking about Burak he is putting his self on a horrible picture’ I’m sorry for you Mr Dogulu!!!!

Author — Nelida Amposta


Well...the reason is Kadir and Burak fought over Neslihan while Fariye is watching. Lol

Author — JEmaiMaH bAYbaY


The reasons Kadir stated in his interview, why they are not friends[ Burak].... were too shallow for the people to believe.... just because they are 2 different persons & nothing common to talk about?? Thats why they are not friends??? Tell it to the marines, mannnn...!!!! The truth is, HE IS JEALOUS WITH BURAK... nothing more nothing less.. Now to Neslihan, talking or be a friend to Burak doesn't mean you're playing music together.Maybe the reason why Neslihan avoided Burak in the set during KS days was bcoz of Kadir..

Author — Niza Ante


Definitely jealous of Burak there would be no reason not to be friends unless there's a reason, l heard that they were friends be4 Kara Sevda

Author — Alauni Livet


Great couple's great mistake by choosing totally different life partners. What difference between two guys as is a sky and earth. Right left, East, west and up south and north. This is why. But my darling 💕❤️K❤️❤️N ❤️❤️❤️❤️🙌🙌🙌🙌🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸

Author — Afsheen Inayat


Maritza C

I share your sentiments. Neslihan and Burak's professional relationship should not and must not interfere with their personal relationship with their respective spouses. I myself see them as so perfect onscreen, but it stays for reel only, hence their spouses should understand. Hoping though, that someday they would make another series together and of course hoping too that Burak and Kadir be nice and civil with each other😊

Author — Ophelia Soydere


The best serie in the world 👉KS🏅💎🔝and 100% real couple 👉OZCI IT&ATAGUL..They made Turkey very proud.. Personally I'm waiting their marriage ♥️♥️♥️♥️🤟☝️

Author — Dat Lilly


Kemal and nihan the best chemistry best couple

Author — Jennie Manoban