Battle of Greece and Battle of Crete - World War II DOCUMENTARY

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Kings and Generals animated historical documentary series on Modern Warfare continues a video on the Battles of Greece and Crete in 1940-1941 during World War II, as Italy and Germany attempted to invade Greece, which led to the intervention by the forces of the British Commonwealth.

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respect for the new Zealanders who fought so bravely so far from their homeland


Author — John Antwn


The famous German writer Erhart Kästner acknowledged the following:

“In 1952 I visited Athens for the first time after the war. In the German Embassy, when they heard that I intended to go to Crete, they suggested to me that I pretend to be a Swiss, because it had only been a short time since the German Occupation and the wounds were still unhealed. But I knew the Cretans. From the very first moment I said I was a German and not only did I have a good time, but wherever I went, I experienced the legendary Cretan hospitality.

An afternoon, at sunset, I visited the German Cemetery in Maleme. It seemed like it was empty; only the last sun rays fell on it. But I was wrong. There was a living creature there. It was a Cretan woman dressed in black. To my greatest surprise I saw her lighting candles to the graves of the German soldiers, who died during the battle of Crete, and she was going methodically from the one grave to the other. I approached her... and I asked her:

- “Do you come from here?”

- “'Yes...” she replied.

- “And why are you doing this? Those men killed so many Cretans during the war...!”

The woman replied:

- “Son, your accent proves you to be a foreigner, therefore you probably do not know what happened here from 1941 to 1944. My husband was killed in the battle of Crete and I was left alone with my only son. Germans took him as a hostage in 1943 and he died in a concentration camp (KZ) in Sachsenhauzen. I do not know where my son has been buried. But I know that each of these men was son of a mother like me. And I light candles to their memory, because their mothers cannot come down here. I am sure that another mother lights the candle in memory of my son.”

And the German finished surprised: “Only in Greece such an answer could have been given!”

Author — Tam Astro


Enormous respect to the Greeks and their eternal thrist of liberty, from France. 🇫🇷 🇬🇷

Author — Aetius


Much respect to our brave brothers!!! Нека им вечна слава!!! 🇬🇷☦ 🇷🇸

Author — Kuzman Vojvodic


Happy to 200 years of Independence to every Greek🇬🇷

Author — Argyrus 47


We will never forget that Republique d'Haiti was first country that recognized Greece as a independent country (1822). Thank you.

Author — S bitches


Love Greece from Mexico 🇬🇷🇲🇽 I love greek history and greek culture hellas forever

Author — KingSlayer 77


Greetings all from the island of Crete!🇬🇷

Author — KreissonGR


a documentary for Greek revolution of 1821 would be appriciated !

Author — kostas k


When the first allied offensive in Europe was carried out by the Greeks

Author — Randy Mi


Fun fact:Greece celebrates 200 years of independence this Thursday

Author — GrandLy


Χρονια πολλα μαγκες να χαιρομαστε το εθνος μας να σεβομαστε τους ελευθερωτες μας και να μην ξεχναμε τους εχθρους του γενους

Author — much more


We need a documentary video for the 200 years since the Greek war of independence, it's in 2 days

Author — Dimitris Tsakalos


Germany: so how is your progress towards Athens going?
Italy: pretty good at this rate we might just stop the Greek Army before they reach Vlore
Germany: bruh...

Author — Master Plo Koon


Mussolini expecting the Greeks would not fight back. Suprise.

Author — Rick74


Respect to Greek heroes from Russia ☦️

Author — randomname359


“I am unable to give the proper breadth of gratitude I feel for the heroic resistance of the People and the leaders of Greece.” - Charles de Gaulle

Author — Vangelis Skia


Much love for Greece and excellent efforts. Happy 200th Anniversary of Greek independence. From UK 🇬🇧🇬🇷

Author — CARNO


Musolini : I will become the new Roman Emperor.
Random Greek soldier defending Hill 731: Hold my souvlaki.

Author — VenakisM


Respect to Greek soldiers for the brave fight from 🇧🇬

Author — Georgi Zdravkov