How Turkey is Building its way to Africa

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How Turkey is Building its way to Africa.

Although Turkey’s construction industry has experienced one of the world’s fastest growth rates over the past few decades, it is still smaller than China’s massive construction behemoth.

Turkish companies operating in Africa have together built tens of billions of dollars worth of roads, power and sewage facilities, sports arenas, government office buildings, residential high-rises and other projects.

Ankara exerts its influence on the continent in a multifaceted manner by engaging in trade, military cooperation, education, diplomacy, infrastructure, civil society, and political relations with African nations.

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I much prefer Turkish investment and collaboration than European or American meddling. Much appreciation from Somalia

Author — Rakim Ali


I'm from Somalia and we(the Somali people) more than appreciate the help of Turkey.
The world had turned it's back on us and we were a "failed state" but every since Erdogan showed up things have been much more better.

We gained Better security(forces, etc), education, health, economy, jobs and alot more.

Thank you.



Greeting from Somalia, am really happy what turkey goverment are doing specially in somalia. I wanna say thank you turky.

Author — Ahmed FaraYare


I can feel sponsorship is massive for African student to study in turkey universities..I have dozen friends in turkiye 🇰🇪am a kenyan

Author — Ian Arua


We need Türkey, Türkey everythink is what we need ! Love from North Afrika Marokko

Author — Dr. Professor


turks more than welcome to africa. we love our turkish brothers. africa just suffered under west. it is time to rise for east now. rise turkey. god bless turkish nation.

Author — ozi oz


Greetings from turkey to all africans🙏

Author — Just Do it


France straggles to bring Africa down as it climbes high economically. In Africa all France colonised countries are extremely poor due to France strategy of keeping Africa down economically.

Author — Ali Masiga Saleh


The West treats Africa as its fiefdom, Turkey on the other hand is a genuine, caring older brother who uplifts nations.

Author — Muhammad Ali


Here in Somalia, we love Turkey. Wish they could support the government militarily.

Author — Tormund Gaint


Africa is a very rich and beautiful continent. We should work together with our African brothers and sisters, trade more, exchange our cultures and develope together. U.S. and E.U. can still act as if all world belong to them and we can show it is a lie and how they are hypocrates. We all fought against their colonialism and we know it better.
Much Loves from Turkey ❤🇹🇷

Author — EkiN B.


Greetings from Indonesia, I'm such a big fan of Turkey, I think Turkey is my next BTS. LoL

Author — FM VRPV


Unlike other western countries, Turkey don't detect on us what to do.they are free from carrot-stick policy..Respect from Kenya🇰🇪🇹🇷🇹🇷🇰🇪🇰🇪

Author — Bishar Gellow


Turkey is doing much more to improve Africa's sports infrastructure, which is something that needs urgent attention coz Africa has a high youth population. Turkey is building State of the Art Stadium in Ivory Coast, a French stronghold, and now Paris is nervous.While France is going to Africa to perpetuate Colonial objectives, Turkey is going there to build and make a difference for Africans. Expect to see more Turkey build stadiums and Aiports.France, UK and Amerikkka like to push Neo Colonialism on us, but it's not working anymore.

Author — Ronald Madziro


Turkish building companies are the most efficient in the world.

Author — Desi Rock Metal


As a Turkish who lives in Africa telling you all that this is just the beginning of Turkey's era.

Author — aytekin kaya


Africans need to consider the following item: how many places in the past, ruled by Turks, now speak Turkish How many places run by the French speak French?the truth is very clear. Turks are different.

Author — ludingirra hattuşili Anatolian


That's why Macron is barking. They will lose their "colonization tax" which they take annually from Africa inshaAllah.

Author — Advice for iDevice


Turkey, focus on efficiency improves, execution long-term goals, in the Africa 🌍, I'm Somalia 🇸🇴

Author — Hassan Mohamud


Turkey helpful country . Very quite thinking people ! !

Author — Sarif Uddin