Hilltop Hoods - Show Business (Official Video) ft. Eamon

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Official music video for ‘Show Business’ by Hilltop Hoods ft. Eamon.

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Production Company - Collider
Director: Nash Edgerton
EP - Rachael Ford-Davies
Producer - Alexandra Taussig
Production Manager - Rachel Argall
Cinematographer - Campbell Brown
Production Designer: Jen Waters
Costume Designer: Megan Murray
Makeup Designer - Gavin Anesbury
Stunt Supervisor - Tony Lynch / Timothy Parsons
LA Line Producer - Lisa Arianna

Edit & Post House: ARC EDIT
Editors: Phoebe Taylor & Drew Thompson ASE
Assistant Editor: Joshua O’Sullivan
Colourist: Daniel Molony
Online/VFX Artists: Patrick Campbell, Eugene Richards, Viv Baker & Jamie Scott
Additional VFX: Double Barrel VFX
Post Producer: Raphaëlle Saïd
Post Production Assist: Gabby Dadgostar
Post Exec Producer: Daniel Fry

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Music video by Hilltop Hoods performing Show Business. An Island Records Australia release; © 2022 Universal Music Australia Pty Ltd.

💬 Comments on the video

Thanks for coming through everyone. Can’t believe how many people love Sigma’s.

Author — Hilltop Hoods


I think the thing that makes Hilltop Hoods still so good and a banger every time is the fact they still feel so home grown and relatable still, even after massive success worldwide. Like you just still feel those Aussie vibes. Keep it up guys!

Author — burns0100


Hilltop hoods never releases anything bad, holy shit. How is that even possible??? Pure quality.

Author — Nothing nothings


It was great working on that video with you guys. I am now a fan of your music. Show business runs deep in our family. So that song has a lot of meaning for me.
Gary Brophy (Clown Advisor)

Author — Brophy Family Western Show


I grew up in the Adelaide Hills and have always loved you guys (I have a signed T-shirt in my lounge room)! Warms my heart to see so many comments from around the globe! Congrats on another banger!

Author — Jessie Heidenreich


They’ve got a formula and it hits the nail on the head EVERY. SINGLE. TIME 🔥

Author — Maka4eli96


Eamon is a beast love his songs with vinnie paz, Ra the rugged man, Atmosphere

Author — hogger4321


Please never change, you guys are way too good at what you do

Much love from Blakeview

Author — Jett


Eamon had done well for himself as an inpendent artist working with different hip hop acts, even though his major record label deal went bust he reinvented himself way after his big hit in around 2004, glad the hilltops worked with him

Author — Chris Koufalas


You guys have done it again!!! Smashed it outta the ball park. This song is amazing🥰🥰

Author — xrrxy vvoi


Love from the UK, at 14 your tunes kept me learning to skate, more importantly, the benefits of ignoring the bullshit, and investing time into something that makes you happy. And also to love people around in the front row 😆 They’re still here, still standing, still putting out sick tunes love guys x

Author — willipinch


listening to you guys now over 10 years and damn another awsome one thx hilltop hoods greetz from Austria

Author — Turtle Yoda


Thank you for yet another great song. Can’t imagine living without your tunes. Many greetings from Denmark

Author — Ulrik


Happy to see you collaborate with Eamon. He truly is one of the greatest voices/artists of our generation. Everything he’s put out in the last 5 years has been amazing. Great song and video. Hilltop Hoods come through again!

Author — Harold Bailey


First time I've ever ordered a vinyl record without even hearing it! I believe in you Hilltop Hoods. Saw you once here in the UK 10 years ago! Time flies

Author — Philo Shang


I'm halfway shooting a movie (Day 26) And I was feeling really low, all these night 12 hour call times been passing a toll on my mental health, but as soon as I listened to this song while traveling by tube at 5 am made me realize how fortunate I am to be doing what I love, even tho it's exausting at times, thanks Hilltop hoods! u already gave my life a boost back in 2015 with Cosby sweater, and now u guys did it again! Much respect to those who work in the showbusiness!

Author — Alfredo Tellez Dector


Coming up on 20 years I've been listening to HTH. Don't think I'm gonna stop anytime soon.

Author — J Slater AU


Dudes, ive found you randomly in a playlist on spotify. Your flows and voices are very original, and with a good writing, uve entered easily on my top10. Keep up and good work. One love from Portugal

Author — Filipe Martins


Perfect track boys, you guys do you <3

Author — Emily An


It’s a perfect day when there’s a new Hoods track out 🕶. We need you to play in the UK again - been too long ! 🤟

Author — THE LAZY I A.I.R Events