Turkish-French Competition Rises in Africa

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Turkish-French Competition Rises in Africa. Turkey and France are acting as rivals in Africa by creating cooperation with the East and West African countries. France, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates may work against Turkey to create their influential zone.

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turkey welcome to our content our home from somalia🇸🇴

Author — Qodax films


Colonialist had never brought goodness. Turkey will be the best friend in so many things.

Author — Tarmuji Rakhman


Much love Turkey, from Sénégal ! Mais il faut savoir que les états n'ont pas d'amis mais que des intérêts.

Author — cheikh anta mbacke Sene


Much love Turkey, from South Sudan 🇸🇸✊✊

Author — Aluk Mou


Africans must be anti- French if they want to have any type of independent future.

Author — R G


In Turkey African people have a very positive image. In Turkish televisions, programs tell Africans with very positive image. For example, there is a very popular documentary which tells the daily life of a different African child in every programme where he/she tells their own story. We see their struggles in life and this programme is very popular. We see this and say we must be with them, help them whatever we can. In my city, i see a lot of African students who are having education in our universities. We are happy with them. We Turks most like when they speak Turkish. Some African youtubers who speak Turkish have millions of views.

Author — oguz b.


Well if everyone's racing for Africa, I might as well be under Turkey

Author — mahaddeen


We will not let the French exploit Africa.

Author — Samet Kömürcü


france is defending its incomes exploitation of weaker african countries

Author — chocolate TR


Can Turkey help in removing France currency from Africa?

Author — Akil Bonner


France saying " Allways is mine, africa is mine, mineee mineee, is minee"

Author — Burak YLCN


Never forget the Thiaroye Massacre committed by French troops on Africans.

Author — Koxinga


Majority of African countries love Turkey over Europe

Author — Gham Bis


Great analysis. A video about how the Turkic countries are slowly creating their own union would be interesting. The Turkic Union is very active these days.

Author — Dareen Yardman


What had the French African "colonies" achieved being under decades after decades of French rule other than France getting wealthier. It is high time the African countries leverage competing powers to boost their own development. Turkey genuinely seems to be a wonderful investor. They aren't sharks like China neither are they crocs like the EU.

Author — SuperKafooo


Good explanation, I may root for Turkey.

Author — Zen 2011


Vallaha gurulandım Türkiye'nin böyle bir genişleme politikası çok iyi

Author — türkiyem


I knew Qatar is friend of Turkey right?

Author — pete zhlensk


The west African nations have to clean French mercenaries from their nations and request reparations for any more relationships

Author — adam hirqal


Bütün Afrika'yı sömürürsün katliamlar yaparsın ama onlar hala seni sever 🤢
Bu insanlar aklını kaybetmiş olmalı

Author — Magenta