Climate change technology: is shading the earth too risky? | The Economist

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If the world is getting too hot, why not give it some shade? Solar geoengineering could halt global warming, but there are risks to this controversial technology.

00:00 - Is solar geoengineering worth the risks?
00:41 - On the frontline of climate change
01:40 - What is solar geoengineering?
02:05 - Why the Saami Council stopped a research project
03:33 - Why we need more research
05:05 - The risk of global political tension
06:12 - The risk of termination shock
07:07 - What is marine cloud brightening?
09:04 - The risk of unequal effects

Will the energy crisis spark American clean tech innovation?

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Would have been nice if you had covered space based mirrors too. Very interesting technology that could power the space Industrie and a moon base. It also doesn’t have as many drawbacks as sulfur based approaches.

Author — onlymediumsteak


We always need something to keep going on and about. Take what we can and make the best of it. It will make ends meet in the least. And better on the upside. Life goes on

Author — Indo Oldguy


Heat moves from high temperature to low temperature. Shades block the energy movement, which is the same for green house gases. Ask physicists why one cools the earth and the other warms the earth.

Author — Mujina Rokko


What about pole shift and magnetic field weakening 🤔

Author — E30 80's Master


While I appreciate the sentiment behind the Saami objections to this technology, at the rate things are going it will be the only roll of the dice we have left. Oil companies, buoyed by record high oil prices, are spending literally hundreds of millions of dollars DAILY on oil and gas exploration. Governments across the planet are not only dragging their feet on fighting climate change, but are approving these new oil and gas megaprojects as fast as they can, while they line their own pockets. Let's face it, things are only getting worse, and as more people die from heat or starvation and sea levels keep rising, there may be nothing else left to try to save ourselves.

Author — SmashPhysical


If the amount of sunlight is reduced, what effect do you think it would have on PLANTS.

Author — Marlyn


If it relies on global cooperation to be implemented, it's DOA.
Also a nitpick: reducing emissions alone won't give us 1.5 degrees target, most likely we need both (and anything else we can come up with)

Author — Kat M


Marine cloud brightening seems useful and harmless but all the other ideas terribly risky.

Author — Cape Orb Observer


The notion of a "plan B" may put a pause to needed climate actions

Sensible ethical implications can support poor people in hot countries

Monomania perception, extend to more than just cutting emission

Solutions that focuses on alleviating a single problem can worsen the others by ramping up disputes, a global issue

Author — Leo Julious


Quite impressive : a very telling video to be shared !

Author — Francis ETIENNE


Letting Earth warm would cause much greater risks such as famine. Let me quote Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix.
"Ben, you don't know what you're doing!" (imagine Ben as Arctiguana cooling the Earth)
"It's better than what'll happen if I don't!"

Author — Moses Alazzawi


Great solution, they should combine it with a train that circles the earth once a year.

Author — Hans Meier


We need to do it to give us time to adapt to renewables.

Author — N Hinton


It is not risky: it is utterly insane...

Author — Per Nielsen


There are places in the world that are still colder than they were ever before.

Author — BoB BoBy


what about the unintended consequences we can't possibly foresee? this is a large scale global system leave it alone.

Author — Zegfeld Mobata


C'mon man, you've been applying this madness for years, cause the problem first then provide the solution, game over.

Author — John Creson


Every country needs to limit population growth.

Author — Capri


Never hinder research. Forbidding it is like not teaching kids how to use knives, hoping they'll never touch one.

Author — Stefan Popp


Seems like the powers are keen to try anything except investing in sustainable production processes

Author — Jayjay ThreeThousand