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In today’s video, we are going to dive into how to make changes to your mindset, relationships, and finances if you feel like you need to start over.

Starting a new life by improving your finances is changing the way you think, establishing relationships that are supportive and like-minded, forgiving yourself and learning from your mistakes, and taking ownership of your life, and creating a financial plan for that lifestyle.

Are you starting over? What steps are you taking? Share in the comments below!


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What steps are you taking to improve your finances? Share in the comments and thanks for tuning in!!

Author — Clever Girl Finance


I hit rock bottom..I had no car, no place, no savings, and no job. I have a job now, still sleeping on a couch, no car, $1000 in savings, $ 700 in 401k. I just take it one day at a time.

Author — Simply Jean


The hardest part is to forgive yourself when your poor decisions and actions have hurt those closest to you.Thank you… these are great tips!

Author — Leinaala M


Quitters don't win and winners don't quit.
No matter what you do, keep moving and know that starting investment earlier in life is the key to building wealth. Always invest with the right approach and opportunity.

Author — Anita


I am so glad I've found a recent vlog. I'm a 60 year old male literally starting over. I've made comments on a couple of your videos and have found them not just inspiring but do-able. My goal for 2022 is to save $10, 000. I have already started with restarting my 401-k, and getting debt relief from FDR (Freedom Debt Relief), which is working beautifully. My car payment and utilities are all in check. I make approx. $35, 000/yr. just recently I was able to save $600 to apply to an emergency fund. I'm going to be using your instructions as a baseline for my financial goals. For some reason you make me feel accountable (in a good way). Thank you so much and keep doing what you're doing. God Bless!

Author — Son of Roderick


I've experienced a great deal of heartache and embarrassment for my financial mistakes. I have no one to blame, and you've encouraged me start over. That's what I must do. I'm sure I can draw more strength from your works. Thanks a lot.

Author — Wale Adebayo


I’m starting over, I’m excited. I had to show the most high gratitude first, forgive myself for the mistakes and claim my 2022 as a great financial year!😊❤️

Author — Royal Blue


This is a thoughtful piece and I must say that your genuineness has earned some great points. I will put your words to work and see where I can get to by the 1st half of this year. Thank you for all you do.

Author — Kemi Ogundeji


Yes I had to start over on my saving account. So emergencies happened and I bought a lot of courses that ai wish I wouldn't have bought. So I learned that I was impulsive and I have to pause before I buy

Author — Ms Christian Robinson


Oh! I'm so glad I found you! Things are desperate here, but I am encouraged by your expertise and forgiveness approach. Thank you! I'll be reading all your helps! Grateful from Elizabeth, Illinois 😃

Author — B Floy


I loved the recommendation to forgive myself for past mistakes. That’s my first step. Thank you!

Author — Es Carter


I love your videos these are so motivating and so many great tips! I definately want to start implementing these this year ☺️ thanks again!❤️

Author — Food Favourites


Not starting over but in starting this new year definitely revisiting my immediate, short term and long goals after getting a small raise! I will be creating a budget, putting my goals on my vision board that I see every day for daily reminders and yearly goals, as well as consistently checking my bank account weekly and setting several "No Spend" challenges this year.

While a lot of terrible things have happened during the pandemic, one good outlook for me is that I spend a lot less since I am at home so much more often! No more expensive Uber/Lyfts to dinner or drinks with friends, and eating out $20-$30 for one meal, or happy hour drinks a few times a month! All that adds up. Putting all that money into my savings, and Facetiming with a glass of wine, reading, or watching movies in a watch party instead.

Author — Brianna Dau - she, her, hers


I need to learn how to budget and sticking with. I really don't like the feeling of living paycheck to paycheck

Author — Marla C


Hi Bola, I’m trying to have a positive mindset, curb my spending and stick to my budget 😄. Thanks for this 😍

Author — Claudia Okyere-Fosu


Thanks for your encouraging videos! Happy new year everybody! Wishing you all and your loved ones the bestest of health and happiness! xx

Author — lin90210


Love it, great advice. I needed a reminder of all this

Author — Glam 'N' Glo by Sherika


You are a voice or reason, really grateful your alive. Loved this video, have watched many others but this one really resonated with me. I am going to be a lot more interactive. You have sound principles and the right attitude.

Author — Sholabomi Delano


I'm 65 years young 🌱 saving is one of the most challenging thing for me. With a limited fits income, getting a part time job is one of my goals. Yes I'm starting over please help me.

Author — Ola Lee


Great advice as always! Thanks so much!

Author — Pamela Callaway