Astrology 101 - How To Interpret Your Birth Chart

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Please be advised that this video was uploaded 5 years ago and Ms. Maxine Taylor is no longer offering free birth charts. To avail of free online birth chart services, please visit the link provided below:

Maxine Taylor, Georgia's first licensed astrologer, walks us through the basics of Astrology. Almost everyone knows their sign… But there's more to it? Maxine teaches us about the different houses in an astrological chart, and takes us through the different sun signs for each. She describes how the rulers of the different planets make an impact on the nature of each person, with the ultimate goal of learning about and loving one's self.

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Schools should teach this, no person would ever have to go through that depressing phase of wondering what your life purpose is and why you do the things you do. (And yes I have a ton of activity in my 11th house, may we all find peace and harmony <3 )

Author β€” The Woke Sister


"A SNAPSHOT of YOU from the HEAVENS at Your TIME of BIRTH."---ALI Tarot

Author β€” Ruth Barron


I've been studying astrology for over 20 years and It never bores me. I'm so grateful that I happened across your channel.

Author β€” Felicia Queen Cole


Lol at nobody gets tired of hearing about themselves haha very true!! I'm addicted to these tarot readings!! Lol

Author β€” Helen Simata


Omg she could be my teacher throughout life. The way she talks draws you in

Author β€” JackyO H


Yes, it's truth about Sun in 10th house. I've checked hundred astrology charts. And 95% people with Sun in 10th house are bosses, owners, directors! βœ¨πŸ’«πŸ’«πŸ’«

Author β€” Olesya Power


Thank you! I hadn't looked at the "blockage" in that point of view.

Author β€” Shauna H


Amazing I am flabergasted too. A gem. I've had my charts for thirty years but because of ADHD It was hard t.o make Total sense of this. Now at 62 and sorted the ADHD and with this explanation . It is a real treat. Thank you.

Author β€” Jo Jo


the motivation she just shared - stars are shining!

Author β€” Your Subconscious


Welp Im sorry if im wrong but for me i am very happy hearing compliments about myself
Im apologizing for saying this

Author β€” neko


Sun in 1 14:17
Sun in 2 17:26
Sun in 3 18:19
Sun in 4 19:19
Sun in 5 20:41
Sun in 6 22:00
Sun in 7 22:31
Sun in 8 23:02
Sun in 9 23:36
Sun in 10 23:48
Sun in 11 24:20
Sun in 12 25:12

Author β€” Star Galaxy


I love the way she demonstrate and speak. She's amazing! I've never been this so curious about me. Made me so concentrate about her teachings.

Author β€” Flor D


This lady is actually just so innocent and adorable and kind omg she’s so nice

Author β€” Abigail H


Been looking into Astrology for years learning little by little here and there. Learned more in this one video about the houses than I have through all these years! This video is like the most clear and informational one on all the houses! I love it!!

Author β€” Kypsia D


I'm Maxine and I'm here to tell you about yourself lol. πŸ’œ

Author β€” love me


Wow. Not me having a 12H stellium and constantly sleeping πŸ’€πŸ’€

Author β€” Nacho Cheese


This is my EXACT LIFE! My whole body is tingling.

Author β€” Heavy On The High Priestess Energy


Ive been looking for a class like this for sooo long!!! THANK YOUU!!!

Author β€” Gisella Basso De Amat


I thought i was being funny...he was taking the thing seriously"

i luv it

Author β€” Cocoy3Γͺ


To everyone confused about the sun being described as a planet in this video, it's not a mistake on Maxine's behalf. In astrology the sun is described as a planet.

Author β€” The FBI Agent Behind ur Screen