All Sports Golf Battle 4

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Time for another fantastic round of All Sports Golf... with Zac Efron!!

Music by The Phantoms:

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“Good As Gold”
Performed by The Phantoms
Courtesy of Peer-Southern Productions, Inc.
Written by Andrew Bissell
© Peermusic III, Ltd. o/b/o itself and Andrew Bissell Music (BMI)
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💬 Comments on the video

*its super cool having Zac Efron as a special guest without using his name in the title.*

Author — Football Club


I like that they’re treating him like an actual person. And Zac looks so happy

Author — Worthiness


10 years later: Hello were dude perfect and were gonna play tennis with a special guest Elon Musk in Mars Lets

Author — BoxGamingYT


Next month...
“Welcome to the all new all sports golf battle part 5 with DWAYNE THE ROCK JOHNSON

Author — FishyBoi335


It’s kinda weird seeing so many guys not know how to kick a ball 😂

Author — Scott


i love how clueless Zac looked when everyone else runs off the intro

Author — Ian Pilon


Who else came from the Sidemen just to see this done properly again lolll

Author — SSG Jafri


when Dude Perfect makes their last video the whole world will be sad

Author — Ivan the Terrible


Imagine casually chilling with zac effron

Author — Mrkid


I remember when it said 1 hour ago, now it says 1 year ago, man time flies 😔

Author — Heather Elmore


they’re so clouted that they don’t even need to clickbait ZAC EFRON

Author — jaydave


Zac: this tiny square, circle, egg???

Me: oval my guy!!!

Author — Xx.Mr.duckeyxx


Well, if history repeats itself, that means Garrett has a very high chance at the 5th All Sports Golf Battle

Author — Sean Williams


Zac just fits so well with the group, I’m pretty sure if he had more time he’d definitely spend it with the Dude’s

Author — TheAbsoluteNerds


I was so happy when I saw Zac. I am so glad they treated him well and had fun too.

Author — MacKenzie Morrison


I can’t believe they filmed this almost a year ago during their tour

Author — Nate Fitzgerald


It is time use this square, circle, egg
Zac’s new famous quote

Author — Gavin Johnson


Haven’t watched dp in years but it’s safe to say that ty still wins everything 😂

Author — Eddie G


That is the most terrifying trophy I’ve ever seen!!!

Author — Braddah Leeks


The Zac Efron's / Troy Bolton
"Bet on it" track from Highschool Musical 2 should have been played.

Author — MilleniumAdam