Nissan advances technology toward autonomous driving with ground truth perception

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Nissan designs and engineers cars that embody the pleasure and richness of driving while prioritizing a high level of safety. More than 90% of traffic accidents are caused by human error. Our goal is to reduce the number of accidents involving Nissan vehicles to virtually zero.

Nissan’s in-development driver-assistance technology utilizes ground truth perception to dramatically enhance collision avoidance. Nissan’s ground truth perception uses next generation LIDAR tech, radar and camera information to sense a vehicle’s surrounding in real-time, including recognizing shapes and the distance of objects with a high degree of accuracy.

In the video, Nissan demonstrates how the technology can be used to support collision avoidance in a variety of real-world situations using a development test car: ProPILOT - Concept Zero.

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Next step. The new Z car can win any race for you. The new GT-R will allow you to sit back home and it will go to car meet without you so you can eat your social anxiety away in peace

Author — Sweet Nightmare


Интересно, а когда нету вариантов увернуться от удара, какую часть автомобиля подставит под удар автопилот?
Сторону жены, ребёнка, или водителя?
Надо это просчитать

Author — sensaciya1


It will be interesting to see what system will be more successful in real world situations between the LIDAR based systems and Teslas neural networks based learning AI. Maybe in the short term the LIDAR will be better but then later people will adopt the later?

Author — ProductofNZ


Need a total change for nissan indonesia!!

Author — Ridho Baihaqi


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Author — John Wick


Nice lab demo, but Wheres the public demo!? Tesla is leading here and their stuff is barely at 90% accuracy and they still better

Author — Rick Kay


Hey! That Infiniti is photo bombing a Nissan commercial! You can fool everyone else in these comments but you can't fool me, I'm on to you 🤔 lol

Author — Troy Stone


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This isn't in the plans for the 2023 Ariya, is it?

Author — da3dsoul


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Author — Red spy


please Nissan, Make a new and faster generation of GT-R and get the GODZILLA Nickname back, ,