【ROGUE LEGACY 2】technology is my favorite child【NIJISANJI EN | Selen Tatsuki】

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01:39 hello hello everybody! are you ready for more dead heirs?
03:18 selen looooves offshore tax havens (in-game)
04:06 the current mission is to beat the game with under 98 heirs (to one up her friend), favorite child run (gun) start
05:18 "I wish my child was korean so I could make more money"
07:19 up into the stygian study, 1st mimic encountered
10:05 lore, new quest to find the Power of the Void
11:24 not all kids are born to be my favorite
14:07 Mocking the evil painting, "they really made it obvious"
16:25 selen mocks a puzzle, and praises the silent Void Heirloom holder
17:12 "I'm a platformer god now, remember RL1? how embarrassing" [instantly misses a jump] "That... that was just me roleplaying as RL1 Selen"
19:34 Void Heirloom get, now we can go to that place
21:29 enoch's lore 2, only to get nothing but a damage bonus, what a rip
24:55 platforming challenge time
25:05 first death of the stream to greed and platforming
26:51 re-rolled heirs, avoiding 'crippling intellect' on a gun child, choosing a bow character and unlocking/re-classing as the boxer
30:07 boxer run start after a... talk with pizza girl involving kinkshaming
34:34 after deciding not to pick up a new weapon, selen picks it up anyway
35:23 into the platforming challenge, selen curses herself for being too good a gamer
37:22 platforming challenge complete with the power of touhou, selen gains even more empathy "I'm a high functioning sociopath now"
39:58 accidentally finds the secret lore in a massive hall of books
41:11 selen condones criminality by endorsing "just bribing Sonny"
42:22 Selen reads the lore on "Room Agnosia", and questions how one afflicted may recognize a toilet as a toilet, or even play video games
45:24 Selen doesn't want to have persistent memory "because I don't want to remember all the dogs I owned"
47:50 man this guy really likes to write huh (lore continues)
52:10 back to lvl 1 to farm some HP, goal (for now) set at killing 2 bosses
53:05 "If my friend could beat the game without reading any lore, I can beat two bosses in one stream. I know there's no correlation between the two-"
54:11 you know vtubers would never lie to you, you know that right?
56:26 selen's experience with the postal service, while comparing mail orders and superchats
1:02:06 postal service stories continue, returning back to the stygian study
1:06:47 finding 2nd miniboss challenge, once again returning to previous levels to farm HP
1:09:21 finding a relic to restore HP upon opening chests
1:11:09 "I know you're thinking about your D right now"
1:13:18 selen spooked scream, then chooses greed for max HP again "I can do it, I can fix him"
1:16:49 "you have to know when you can't fix him" [chooses heal over more max hp greed]
1:21:40 pre-boss challenge 2 start
1:22:37 Void Beast Defeated
1:24:12 selen's new favorite child's Make A Wish is to fight the boss
1:25:52 "gotta live life with a little bit of cock... cockiness"
1:27:15 Enoch attempt 1
1:28:16 too much touhou, 7HP and selen is denied seeing the second phase properly
1:29:29 boss child time
1:32:14 enoch attempt 2, selen promises to unlock and play bard once he is dead
1:33:49 Selen dies at 5% of the boss's health
1:34:18 super ibs gunchild with synesthesia as boss baby 2
1:35:38 attempt 3 with gun
1:36:37 death by synesthesia
1:37:29 abandons the boss grind because the child is too smart
1:40:12 he's not gonna die, he's just gonna retire and make me more heirs so I can send them to die... I'm a good mom
1:41:46 child dead, he was $400 away from retirement
1:43:33 histrionic gunchild start
1:44:40 selen gets combo'd into infinity, back to lvl 1 for HP
1:47:25 "People are like 'Selen why did you die just to teabag that guy?' He'll never play the game again, I ruined his day. And that's what matters."
1:48:40 two mimics in one room, selen spooked by both
1:55:58 Another challenge failed, "forever runeless"
1:59:39 rune cope
2:03:16 everything I do has purple [hit] even that

Author — Dragooncord


The Eldritch Sun sure made your brain melt, Selen
3 bosses on 1 stream, cant wait for the next part

Please unlock the Pirate, its really fun

Author — Imagina Imaginar


Sir Matt IV is truly a legend, he beat 3-Eyes McGee and lived to tell the tale afterwards. Hell he's probably gonna be the only kid who retired and lived

Author — Blooper {Reloaded}


borderline 9 hours of insanity, child labor, abuse, and abandonment.

while it's satisfying to watch Selen win against bosses with clutch passives like Vampirism, nothing beats the satisfaction of winning against a boss with poke damage and pure platforming skill. congrats on that one!

looking forward to the chill streams!

Author — Seven Pixels


A boss that required Selen to unlock her last power limiter to take on? Their battle will be legendary!You know things got real when the game gives you reflects, projectile-cancelling shouts, and a variety of weapons and spells to potentially use, but the winning run was all about that sweet bullet graze, projectile stomps, and a swordRest well, Selen and Sir Matt the 6th (4th)!

Author — Quit Death Sticks To Simp


Selen unlocks a new class and immediately takes it to the toughest area she can, doesn't know how it works, dies, and never uses that class again.

Author — Erin Ackerman


Congratulations child! 2 more bosses down, 2 more to go! Great job Selen! Your perseverance is truly admirable, but your struggle is quite funny and entertaining to watch lol. Rest well Selen, you deserve it. Thanks for the stream!!! Goodnight everyone, take care!

Author — Solid Snake0079


Congrats on defeating the boss Selen!!! That was one hell of a grind. Great work!

Author — AlphaCentauri


1st time watching a stream of yours and I may be hooked! 😆 Watching you power through some seemingly impossible Rogue Legacy 2 bad luck and make even the struggles so fun and entertaining was masterful. Lol you are a gamer through and through. I’ll be watching from now on! Keep up the great work Selen 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾😁😁😁



Damn I got to sleep listening to the stream and then I woke up and listened to it on my way to work.
For a game like rogue legacy the endurance is crazy xD

Author — Karuso


Selen is too cute. Lots of cute Selen noises. What a grind this stream was. The Sir Matt lineage is impressive. Sir Matt the first was the first unlocked Bard. Sir Matt II was the child that got Selen all that gold then picked the barbarian head. Sir Matt IV released Selen from her suffering Luckily he made it to retirement Thanks for the fun stream Selen

Author — Rodrigo


Selen is an endurance steamer and she doesn’t even need to try. Thanks for the fun stream today

Author — Ayame’s Apostle - Nakirium Addict [6th]


That was a long stream, I passed out and woke up a few hours later and you're still at it. Thanks for the stream.

Author — Dimizar


Take a shot every time Selen says Boss Baby

Author — Logan Britton


Congratulations, Selen!!!! Good job for today!!! Now do some stretches, eat a bit, and head to bed!

Author — Jio Flowers