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China has reacted sharply to statements by Australia and New Zealand where they express grave concern over developments in Hong Kong and the Human Rights situation in Xinjiang.

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Someone should get the Chinese spokesman a box of tissues he’s been crying about America to.

Author — wayne wilson


Literally the world rejecting China. That's some serious damage to their reputation for decades to come..

Author — Dennis Louis


I'm a kiwi, and it's about time, just saying....

Author — Garrie Clark


😂😂 they thought they could divide the ANZAC.. good on N.Z n Australia for sticking together despite thier differences. Morally Australia and New Zealand stand for the same thing.

Author — T. T


In real sense world need to reject CHINA.

but World can't reject cheap Made in China goods

Author — Free Fire


China is reacting sharply to any statement made by anyone critical of Chinese foreign policy.They have been getting away with it because all nations feared their money power.Trump first stood up to them; only to be castigated by American big bucks who feared an erosion of their bottom lines.The next to stand up was Australia.India was neutral till the Chinese provoked India at Galwan, So Xi has been writing the book om "How to gain Enemies and put off Nations" in a vain bid to glorify himself by dethroning USA form the Super Power No.1 spot and getting egg on his face.

Author — PhysicsOnLine


Athletes don't want their medals soaked in Uyghurs blood.
- IOC must move the 2022 Winter Olympic Games out of China🇨🇳.

Author — Olympic - 2022


Wion, Australia never started this. China started to play with Australia when their local politicians got into pro chinese support that surprised the Australian government and started opposing China.

Author — Mechie Ragul


Investing in crypto is the only big chance of making money

Author — Nelson Wood


Cut all ties. Bankrupt them. Change the system to one of freedom for the people

Author — Miao


World needs to replace chinese manufaturing with a more reliable, affordable and ethical system

Author — Aravind R Nair


It's not just Xinjiang. Similar human rights abuses are occurring in Tibet, Inner Mongolia, Hong Kong. Abuses in Mainland China get ignored in the name of following the Communist party rules. The Chinese development model is based on abuse of human rights, environmental abuse and economic exploitation. Prisoners being used to develop cheap products. They will be executed if they stop being productive.

Author — Mangesh Gokhale


Since, China have no real friends that's why always complaining and feeling jealous.

Author — Alfred Awomi


Well legends knew this rejection was incoming

Author — MasterBlaster


What is China's favourite pastime?


Author — _


Good on NZ! Now, wait for a "new variant" of COVID suddenly popping out of nowhere in NZ. China seems to have found a way to "punish" countries that challenge them.

Author — Tristan C


Don't call them Chinese call them coronese

Author — Mr Fat man


Projection!! Calling AUS/NZ "irresponsible". LOL. The New Superior Race says....

Author — MYNDFK


Im happy to see wion... Recruiting well spoken anchors... Noice..

Author — mOoN


Comments by other nations are interference?
Lmao, see how they use the "victim card" to silence even foreign opinions.

Author — KnObi1 GonpAchiRo