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I'm Aja Dang and here are my top 10 small ways to get your finances together! As someone who is budgeting to pay off their student loan debt, I know how exhausting and frustrating money can be. It's easy to get lazy and give up BUT I hope these money tips and tricks will help you stay the course.

The journey towards financial freedom is not an easy one and money management doesn't come easy for most of us. So if you have a couple off months, that OK but don't give up! Hopefully this video inspires easy ways to save money and spend less.

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actually I am exited now about being budgeting for the rest of my life. Today I know based on my bugdet for 2019, that in the end of the year I will be saving up for a trip to NY in 2020 and that I will still have a emergency cushion on my second bank account. And I didnt do more than planning out my 2019 fixed expenses and income on an excel sheet, giving myself a reasonal budget for my day to day spendings like fun stuff and groceries and cutting down on a few expenses that werent worth it. Doing this sheet seemed scary in the first place because I didnt know what I will be ending up with (a tiny cash flow or even a negative balance?). But I just did it and then I knew what I had to work with and i could start adjusting my expenses. Now I even love budgeting and being a mindful spender. I am no longer an impulsive shopper on amazon or at grocery stores and it is actually liberating. It is a great feeling to look at the following month and know that I will be able to put aside money for whatever and just do it right away before it can be spent somewhere else. All my teen years and university life I was struggeling with money and being broke in the middle of the month. All this just because I avoided doing the math. There are still expenses that surprise me but I can either pay them from my day to day spending budget or I can use my emergency pot which I ve been saving for in good months.

Author — Stefanie Ma


Can you do a video explaining how you share/allocate expenses with your boyfriend? This is an issue for lots of us. Sometimes it sounds like you individually pay for a lot of the monthly expenses.

Author — VSG elle


My goal was $6500 a year in loans the day before I watched your first vlog on debt. I immediately subscribed and have loved being part of this journey with you and your little community of debt slayers 😂. 15-16 months in, and I hit $24, 000 in student loan payments yesterday! I submitted the payment and tried hide my tears of excitement/pride before someone walked past my desk at work 😂😂😂. Just wanted to say thank you for keeping us motivated and being so transparent!

Author — Alexis Wright


If I'm honest these videos have been a lifesaver. You've helped me organize my finances to where I'm throwing an extra $500/month to credit card debt. I have paid off 2 this year and should have another half paid off within the next few months. They didn't teach this in school, and I always felt stupid for not knowing even though we aren't really taught.

You should do a video on taxes and how-to's?! Because I'm still struggling with those and truthfully I haven't done them yet...

Author — Marissa Lee


Automation for saving, investing and bill paying has been the biggest thing for me when getting my finances in order. This has helped me to pay down $45, 000 of debt. Still, have about $60k to go, but automation removes your feelings from it all. I couldn't trust myself to do some important financial things without automation.

Author — The Wealth Vibe - Shana Green


April is Financial Literacy Month! You can never have too many finance videos this month. These were some really good tips! -Akeiva

Author — The Bemused: Making Sense of Money 💰


Thank you thank you thank you! I pray that all the good you're putting out into the world comes back to you and your loved ones many times over for many generations. (Sorry, I'm African- we pray for you, your children and your children's children's 🙃)

Author — Fatima M


Using a credit card can be SO POWERFUL for people needing to build credit. You should make a video on how to use one *correctly*

Author — Daniel Iles


You have so rapidly become one of my favourite YouTubers of all time, thank you for sharing your journey, it helps others more than you could ever know

Author — Caoimhe Ní Mhuireadhaigh


whew i unsubscribe from most email newsletters as soon as i receive the first promotion. it creates less mess, less temptation, and more room for positive reinforcement from informational sources like newspapers and financial bloggers.

Author — Joely L.


deleting the starbucks app on my phone was one of the best/simple/surprisingly effective things I did for my budget. I was totally in denial about how much I was spending there. When you reload on the app you just don't make the connection with the money leaving your bank account (or credit card :/ ) I still get a latte here or there, but I'm way more likely to just get a brew coffee now that I'm not obsessed with the extra star challenges...

Author — Emmit643


Paid off not 1 not 2 but about to be 3 credit cards and it is only April! Thank you for the transparency and motivation!

Author — Nicole Solis-Sison


The subscription thing is SO REAL. i had Tidal *just in case* and never used it. i recently cancelled it and, whilst i want to support the business, i'm better off with another £10pcm to put towards paying off the last of my debt! £1900 to <3

Author — Niesh Vanterpool


“Budgeting money is hard.. it’s fucked up.” I love Aja, she gives the hard truth about it and is realistic about money/budgeting.

Author — Loanniie To


I found unfollowing brands on social media helped me from seeing ads to BUY BUY all the damn time.

Author — Michael Olila


Thank you Aja!! Your journey helps and motivated me to get my life together. Can’t wait til I’m debt free. Shame on me that I’m 37 and I’m in debts and have no emergency fund and no saving. I’m going to do this today. Hopefully by the time I’m turning 40 and I could be live comfortable with no debts.

Author — aiyabebe


This couldn’t have come at a better time

Author — Sylvia Vivian


I make my own coffee at home. $15 pack of beans lasts about two weeks for me (fiancé and I drink a cup a day). Saves us sooo much money!

Author — subtlyal


I love the direction your channel has been going for the past year+ or so and for always keeping it 100! You've helped so many people including myself ❤

Author — sky _


No one really explained to me how credit cards work. And i really dug myself into a ditch. But after watching this, I am going to end my gym membership and going to start putting that money into one of my cards i really want to pay off

Author — Krystal Ituarte