Turkey's Geographic Challenge

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Stratfor examines how Turkey is attempting to expand its core into the eastern part of the country and how this affects the region.

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💬 Comments on the video

greetings to our neighbours from Greece !

Author — Tony Montana


Love from Macedonia Brothers 🇲🇰🇹🇷✝️☪️❤

Author — Walker


Love these geography lessons. Every highschool geo class should see these

Author — Curt Finch


Hi! Nice analysis, can you make a video on Bulgaria's geographical challenges?

Author — tisho91


Love you Turks salam from Bosnia Brothers.<3

Author — Adem


Love to our Turkish brothers and sisters from Iran 🇮🇷 ❤️❤️❤️ mashallah

Author — The 7 hertz


Yasharsin Turkiye from Iranian Turk in Los Angeles.

Author — MrZZooh


I appreciate that you have made efforts into making this video with informations up-to-date but there is one thing you missed:Kosovo is independent now!

Author — Albion Mustafa


I am a Turk from the Netherlands. I love Turkiy.

Author — Mevlüd Ko


greatings from Israel! Long live Turkey

Author — 🌿Mikhael


Basically flat land near deep water ports make it ideal for development but some mountains or harsh terrain is needed to provide a barrier

Author — Jon


Love Turkey location, many island, seaside like black n Mediterranean seaside, like Turkey movies, etc.😂ram ram, nice videotape.

Author — Bharat Tank


Grow up people . Hate is never
A good step to have a
Friendly neighborhood.
( nations, people )

Author — Α lυςαδ


To be honest greeks and turks are fighting brothers. Not different than bosnians/serbs and ukranians/russians.

Author — JM


If I were a tourist to Turkey, I'd probably want to avoid the Southeastern region.

Author — Alexander Lehigh


greatings from Konya devlet hastanesi sokağı ! Long live Turkey :D

Author — deepsoul


I love Turkey from Mudanya Devleti Hastaneden

Author — Abdussamed Dönmez


Turkey will flourish, stand tall, prevail and rule totally free from any kind of challenge.

Author — YourTürkischMaster Mehmet


Turkey might intend to solidarity with Turan civilization.

Author — ThreeOfShackles


Southeastern European Peninsula- "THE BALKANS", Turkey is "TRANSCONTINENTAL" because it spans two continents.

Author — aamp's world