Residents Flee from Massive Forest Fire in Antalya! 🔥 Wildfire in Manavgat, Turkey

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Disaster July 28. Live news live about bad weather and climate change. Global warming is not far off.
Residents flee from massive forest fire in Antalya! Wildfire in Manavgat, Turkey

A massive forest fire in southern Turkey spread to the town of Manavgat as the flames were fanned by strong winds on Wednesday. Residents running for their cars as streets were engulfed in smoke.
Footage showed plumes of black smoke rising from the forest around Manavgat, 75 km (45 miles) east of the resort city of Antalya.
Flames had spread as far as the town center, where many buildings were being evacuated.
The fire has spread to the town center. It's growing even more with the wind. It's impossible for us to determine the size of the damage, there is damage in the villages too.

Authorities were battling the flames with a firefighting plane, 19 helicopters, 108 vehicles and some 400 personnel. Emergency teams from nearby provinces were also called into action, while authorities evacuated settlements near the forest.
Antalya, a popular destination for both foreign and local tourists, is known for its scorching summer heat.

Authorities could not immediately say what caused the fire.


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Dualarımız sizinledi Türkiyem .Allah cemi türkleri korusun.

Author — Seyide Hesenova


Sebep olanlar iki cihanda yansın kavrulsun.

Author — Sezen Çelik


Can kardeş Türkiyəm dualarımız sizinle 🤲

Author — Zabit Süleymanzadə


People, with all the crazy things happening in this world right-now, it’s time to turn to God!
Jesus said, “I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No-one can come to the Father,
but by ME.”
It’s time to trust your life to Jesus TODAY! You’ll be glad you did!

Author — andy bosik


My prayers and thoughts to all in Turkey ..a beautiful country and its people ..God bless 🙏

Author — thespiritualmagpie


World leaders, politicians should ask for forgiveness with God for destroying his nature that he gave us.

Author — Raiacho Niz Goenkar


My prayers are with you Turkey, ❤❤this is a very sad situation😔😔

Author — berna berna


The beginning of tribulations in the world. Repent from sins. Jesus is coming soon.

Author — Maitisan W.J.



Author — Elzade Eliyeva


Stay safe our brothers, much much love from Bosnia and Herzegovina, we love you 🇧🇦❤🇹🇷❤🇧🇦

Author — Gospodin Nelson


Buna sebep olanların hepsının canı chenneme😔



Allah yardimciniz olsun eziz qardaslarimiz(((( dualarimiz sizinle Turkiyem

Author — Ziyadə Yusibova


Can Türkiyə ALLAH köməy olsun sizlərə dualarımız sizlərlə

Author — Tuncay Qələmli


Seek the Lord Jesus while you may find him, God bless 🙏



Hearing these massive fires started simultaneously as the recently discovered tomb of Zeus was opened.

Author — smokeymtn woman


(Revelation 8:8) "And the second angel sounded, and as it were a great mountain (kingdom) burning with fire was cast (violent) into the sea (of people): and the third part of the sea (of people) became blood(shed) (of animals and/or humans);"
We live in the trumpets of judgment, but how many actually see the signs in which we were commanded to watch for to come? Time is so very short.

Author — Barney Fife


Yanğının xəritəsinə baxanda anlamaq olur ki bu qəstdən törədilib
Allah türkləri qorusun

Author — Bahar Memmedova


Dualarimiz sizinle Turkiye insAllah her sey tez zamanda duzelir🇹🇷🇦🇿

Author — Yegane Hesenova


Geçmiş olsun türküler kardeşlerim 😢🇲🇦❤🇹🇷😔

Author — matbakh mariia


Love this country. We lived in Turkey for over a year beautiful country. May god protect the country and its people

Author — Helen Dawood