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Concerns are growing there could be a conflict between Turkey and Greece in the Eastern Mediterranean.
The two countries have been disputing maritime boundaries and offshore energy rights.
On Tuesday, they sent warships to the waters in a show of force.
Turkey's vessel Oruc Reis is conducting research - and Greece says it's above its continental shelf.
They have both announced military exercises within a broad area between Crete and Cyprus.
But they have also signalled readiness for dialogue as Germany tries to mediate between the NATO allies.
Could this dispute escalate?
And what would it take to defuse it?

Presenter: Adrian Finighan

George Tzogopoulos, strategic affairs analyst and lecturer at the Democritus University of Thrace.
Wolf Piccoli, managing director of the political risk arm of global advisor Teneo.
Yusuf Alabarda, retired Turkish colonel and security analyst at the Turkish Defence University.

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As a Greek, I hope both countries come to a peaceful agreement. War would tarnish Greece's economy more than it already is, and covid has already weakened Greece due to tourism being one of the biggest markets there.

Author — The Bug Lord


As a turk, i am glad there is no comment war. This is what it should be! Both country dont like each other because of politicians. We are not politicians! We are all ordinary human. Respect and love each other ☺

Author — Afnwtwrb Scnqrnqdb


where the two parts are fighting, the third one is profiting. Whoever the mediator will be, only he will profit it.

Author — adlozi


I have been reading various comments on the same issue for a long time and I have noticed that people who are educated- and this is obvious in the way they handle the language and can express themselves clearly and with logical arguments- are in favour of peaceful negotiations because they know that wars are made for those and by those who are crazy for power and wealth. On the other hand I have been reading the barely understandable warlike comments of various fanatics who try to provoke but they end up making a fool of themselves (Not to mention that a lot of them who are starving and being underpaid in their own countries would gladly flee from them to find refuge and benefits in one of the countries they have been instructed to hate.)

Author — Rena Koutsoumba


Very good to have a Arabic objective news station reporting professionally and transparently.

Author — nie ooi


I'm a Brit living in Turkey, it's a great place to be, I am in a traditional village and have never heard a bad word said about the Greeks..
Respect from Turkey 👍

Author — My Turkish Life


Neden Fransa İngilterenin adalarının sadece kara sularına sahip olması gerektiğini savundu da şimdi dibimizdeki adaların münhasır ekonomik bölgeye sahip olması gerektiğini söylüyor?
Neden uluslararası anlaşmalara karşı gelerek egedeki adaları silahlandırıyorlar?
Neden bizim denizlerdeki egemenliğimizi kısıtlamak istiyorlar?
Neden karasularıni 6 milden 12 mile çıkarmayı savaş sebebi olduğunu bildikleri halde yükseltmeye çalışıyorlar?
Peki neden uluslararası toplum bütün bunları görmesine rağmen yunanistanı desteklemekte ısrarcı ve TÜRKİYEYİ savaş yanlısı bir ülke olarak göstermeye çalışıyor?
Bütün bunları bir araya getirirsek ortada büyük bir oyun var ve kesinlikle bizi engellemeye çalışıyorlar. Özellikle şu zamanlarda birliğimizi ve kardeşlerimizi korumalıyız. Saygılar. 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

Author — Murat Erten


Okay, now who's that launched thousand ships?

Author — Ted Seamus


Im from turkey please we dont need fight, every soldier has a child, waiting for their father at home, I hope my greek brothers don't want war, we must stop our presidents,

Author — kolombo colombo


There should have been a Cypriot representative!

Author — Chris Chris


France is connected to England, but England defend their right to 15 km Jersey and Guernsey islands located about 150 km from France, Meise Turkey's continental shelf to support Greece, claiming that it violated the island.

At that time, back to France to defend their rights do not stop watching a different attitude when you mentioned Turkey.

Author — Hamura Ōtsutsuki


Sometimes you play and you win, sometimes you lose all.

Author — Gent Z


I want to send a message to whoever reads this and more importantly to my neighbors Turkey,
Don't fall for their political games we should always seek peace we should be together, war will bring us nothing but we'll just go back to square zero.

Author — 五毛


you can hear america panting in exitationg for a war

Author — Fucked Gplus


We heard a lot of what the turkish side says. Are you afraid to say that turkey needs a war to save its economy from disaster and this is why continiusly provocates? Turkey is fully aware that there is no way these energy sources will come to trade without the BigOnes taking a part.

Author — John Met


Mr Piccoli this is not a deal.... it’s based on international maritime rights which has been endorsed by most civilised countries but not turkey!

Author — georgia romain


Orada çıkacak ne varsa ne bize yar olur ne de yunana ;)

Author — Murat Ertüzün


ders almıyorsunuz tarihten. ama hiç sorun değil çünkü tarihi yazan da

Author — view youtube


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Author — 99Bitcoins


Who wouldn't fight for energy ? stay tuned, it's coming.

Author — Belki Olur